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Brantly Helicopters

Brantly International Inc. is a privately held company with both the head office and the factory co-located in Vernon, Texas, USA. The factory's facilities were built in 1989 for the single purpose of producing Brantly helicopters. They manufacture the B-2B model helicopter and the spare parts needed to maintain a growing fleet of Brantly helicopters.

Mr. Newby O. Brantly designed the B-2 model helicopter around 1953 and the FAA granted the type certificate in 1959. Further improvements on this design led to, in 1963, the B-2B.
The B-2B is the lowest priced three bladed, fully certified helicopter in the world. No other rotorcraft has the Brantly-designed outboard hinge on the main rotor blade that produces such an exceptionally smooth ride for a small helicopter.

Engine: Lycoming IVO 360 A1A, 180 HP
Number of seats: 2

Length : 6.43 m
Length with rotor: 8.53 m
Width: 2.08 m
Height: 2.11 m
Rotor diameter: 7.24 m
Weight empty: 1,020 lbs - 463 kg
Weight fully loaded: 1,670 lbs - 757 kg

Max level speed at S/L: 100 MPH - 87 kts - 161 km/h
Cruising speed (75% power): 90 MPH - 78 kts - 145 km/h
Max rate of climb at S/L: 1,400 ft/min - 427 m/min
Service ceiling: 6,000 ft - 1800 m
Hovering ceiling IGE: 3,525 ft - 1074 m
Range w/reserve: 250 miles - 217 nm - 400 km
Total fuel: 31.0 USGAL - 117 liters

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