Helicopter Case Baffles Nation

Edith Isele Speaks, 1954 Mineola, Long Island, New York, USA

"The helicopter, the mode of transportation used today, has our police force baffled. The fact that the situation has gone beyond the police control was openly announced when the problem was placed on the congressional calendar for January 31, 1954. The Senators from New York, Frank Savage and Kenneth Wagner, suggested last week that the helicopter be prohibited. Their suggestion was met with much disapproval as was indicated when the two gentlemen from New York were bodily escorted from the Senate amidst the Bronx cheers of their contemporaries.

Congresswoman Edith Isele is expected to present several "could-be" solutions since she has defended several helicopter cases in the past. This current problem is often referred to by the man on the street as the Levins-LaGonterie disagreement which recalls the much publicized Tea Pot Propeller case, in which Levins and LaGonterie were involved. Since this was the first case that brought to the attention of the authorities the "out of hand" condition of the helicopter, it has gone down in history.

This might also be a good time to release to the public the detrimental influence the case had on the helicopter business. At the time of the case Levins and LaGonterie had a small garage factory on the corner of Marcellus Road in Mineola, New York. After income taxes had been deducted, their yearly profit was approximately $18.02. Today, the expansion of the helicopter business has necessitated the building of a one-mile assembly line factory by Levins and LaGonterie.

The case was as follows: the law-abiding citizens of Mineola filed a complaint stating that the helicopter made at the Levins-LaGonterie factory caused static on thier radios which interfered with their listening to Marion Gary's Arbitrary Board dealing with the marital problems of the people. Also, on another occasion, the law-abiding citizens across the street from the factory swore they saw twenty helicopters trying to land on the same roof.

However, by the shrewd thinking of Edith Isele, their lawyer, the case was won for Levins and LaGonterie. Judge Edward Uryas presided at the hearing and was delighted by the decision of the jury on the case because he is a staunch supporter of the helicopter."

Contribution : Cathy Bruggner

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