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Sikorsky S-61

H-3 family

The S-61 was the winner of a 1957 United States Navy development contract for an amphibious antisubmarine warfare (ASW) helicopter capable of detecting and attacking submarines combining the Hunter-Killer missions in one aircraft. Sikorsky built more than 1100 S-61s, and this excellent machine was also built with license by Westland in UK, Agusta in Italy and by Mitsubishi in Japan.

The main variants included :
S-61 ( Naval SH-3 series )
S-61R ( cargo/rescue variant for USAF & USCG CH-3/HH-3 )
S-61L ( civilian Large variant )
S-61N ( civilian Naval variant )


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Functions: ASW / Cargo / SAR / AEW
First Flight : March 11, 1959
Crew / Load: 2 up to 28 (Depending the mission)

SH-3D :
Engines: 2 * 1400 shp General Electric T58-10
Top Speed: 267 km/h
Range: Max.: 1005 km
Weight: Empty: 5382 kg -- Max: 9752 kg
Rotor Span: 18.9 m
Length: 16.69 m
Height: 5.13 m
Disc Area: 280.5 m2

Air Force's cargo CH-3 and rescue HH-3 Jolly Green Giant :

During the Vietnam War, USAF's HH-3 were extensively used by CSAR ( "Combat Search and Rescue") teams during Sandy missions

Some CH-3 were used to recuperate remote piloted vehicles in flight

Production List

Naval SH-3 Sea King (Canadian CH-124) :
Sea King

US Navy 's SH-3D photos :

SAR ( Search and Rescue ) HH-3F Pelican :

HH-3F Production List

Marine One US President 's helicopter VH-3D
Flight by the marines for the US president
Was not yet replaced with the VH-60 due It's bigger cabin

Royal Navy's Sea King AEW (Airborne Early Warning) built by Westland
for use on british aircraft carriers:

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The S-61F was an experimental prototype to test high speeds and reach 390 km/h in 1965

Contribution: Mark Chapman and others

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