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Sikorsky S-67 - The first Blackhawk

Based on the S-61F and the S-66 ( the Sikorsky's motion for the original US Army 's 1965/6 AAFSS competition ), the S-67 Blackhawk was a Sikorsky 's private venture intended to replace the ill-fated Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne.

The US Army chose the Hughes 77 (as the YAH-64) and the Bell 409 (YAH-63) to be the contenders in their new AAH competition therefore the S-67 was cancelled.

The lone S-67 prototype crashed while conducting demonstrations at the Farnborough Airshow in September 1974. Both crewmen were killed.

First Flight : Aug 27, 1970
Crew: 2 + 15
Engines: 2 x GE T58-GE-5 of 1500 shp each
Speed: Max: 311 km/h
Service Ceiling: 5180 m
Range: 354 km
Weight: Empty: 5681 kg -- Max: 11010
Rotor Span: 18.90 m
Length: 22.6 m
Height: 4.57 m

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