Helicopter Accidents


Year 2008 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale as332 super puma 1
Aerospatiale gazelle 2
Aerospatiale sa365 dauphin 2 2
Agusta A109 Hirundo 1
Agusta ab212 1
Agusta ab412 1
Agusta AS-61 2
AgustaWestland AW109 1
Bell 205 1
Bell 206 12
Bell 209 ah-1 cobra 1
Bell 212 4
Bell 222 1
Bell 412 1
Bell 430 1
Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook 1
Breda Nardi NH500 1
Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil 3
Eurocopter ec135 3
Eurocopter super puma/cougar 2
HAL cheetah 1
Kaman K-MAX 1
MBB bo105 1
McDonnell Douglas ah-64 apache 1
Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 1
Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 1
NH Industries NH90 1
Robinson r-44 2
Schweizer 330 (269D) 1
Sikorsky s-61 H-3 1
Sikorsky s-64 CH-54 1
Sikorsky s-70 H-60 1
Sikorsky s-80 H-53E 1
Sikorsky s-92 1
VFW CH-53G 1
Westland WAH-64 Apache 1

2008 206a 238 N70SP : Bell 206A cn238, ff:?; del US as N70SP, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk; xfer Larry Boven as N70SP, unk; w/o when engine stopped and aircraft crashed into trees, Chipman Preserve, Comstock Township, Michigan, 16May08, 1 fatality.
2008 206a 515 N67AR : Bell 206A cn515, ff:?; del US as N67AR, unk; w/o when crashed ivo Barnesville, PA, 22Aug08
2008 206a 573 Bell Helicopter N7028J : Bell 206A, cn573, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N7028J, unk; del US as N7028J, unk; conv B206B-II unk; xfer Aspen AG Helicopters, unk; w/o while in straight and level flight, the landing skids contacted the crop and the helicopter pitched forward, crash landing in pieces in a strawberry field, Oxnard, CA, 11Mar08.
2008 206b-2 1249 Canadian Coast Guard C-GCHE : Bell 206B-2, ff:?; del Canadian Coast Guard as C-GCHE, unk
C-GCHE : xfer Big Horn Helicopters as C-GCHE, unk; under contract to BC Hydro, when crashed into residential area, Cranbrook, British Columbia, w/o 13May08, 4 fatalities
2008 206b-3 2795 OE-XRH Aerial Heli: w/o 02feb08 hit cableway wire near Totes Gebirge, Austria
2008 206b-3 4185 Royal Thai Army 4185 : Bell 206B-3, ff:?; xfer Royal Thai Army as 4185, [ntu]
VH-NBP : del Australia as VH-NBP, unk; w/o when crashed in dense scrub near Arcadia, NE of Sydney, 01Mar08.
2008 206b-3 4597 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana FAC4474 : FAC from May07, test serial N70774; w/o 04aug08 by FARC at Cerro el Paso
2008 206l-1 45230 Air Logistics N27483 : Air Logistics
Air Evac Lifeteam N37AE : Air Evac EMS Inc at West Plains, MO from Oct05; w/o 31aug08 at Decatur County. 3 fatalities
2008 206l-1 45386 Maritime Helicopters N305MH : Maritime Helicopters; w/o 25sep08 struck a powerline and crashed near Homer, AK. No fatalities
2008 212 30534 VH-HCO : Australia, to P2-HCO
P2-HCO : Papua New Guinea, to N7964J
US Department of State N7964J : US Dept State Sep89-Jun01, INL/A
TRAGSA EC-IAV : Tragsa; w/o 21feb08 firefighting at Grado, Asturias
2008 212 35008 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FGPE : BHTCL toward EHBR-1115
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana EHBR-1115 : FAM ex C-FGPE re-registered to 1415
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana 1415 : FAM, ex EHBR-1115, w/o 18apr08
2008 212 35079 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana FAC4005 : d/d 1995. ex C-FTRC. w/o 24oct08
2008 222 47062 Bell Helicopter N2221W : Bell f/f 13may81
N303CK : USA, to N230LB
N230LB : USA, to N992AA
N992AA : Air Angels Inc at Bolingbrook, IL from Mar99; w/o 15oct08; canc Jul09
N992AA : Air Angels EMS helicopter; w/o 15oct08 hit a radio tower at Aurora, IL near Chicago. 4 fatalities ( pilot, flight paramedic, flight nurse and patient )
2008 333 0044A Fuerza Aerea Dominicana 3042 : FAD d/d 2003; w/o 13feb08 at Dajabon
2008 412hp 36052 Kaijō Hoan-chō JA6713 : Japan Coast Guard from Oct93, test serial N5092J; w/o 01dec08 8km ENE Ikema Island lighthouse, Miyakojima City
2008 430 49065 Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZE : Bell 430 cn49065, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters Canada as C-GLZE, 1999
Bell Helicopter N2416P : xfer Bell Helicopters US as N2416P, 2000
N5NA : xfer Range Flyers Inc, Wichita, KS as N5NA, 30Aug07
VT-REO : xfer India as VT-REO, 16Nov07; w/o when flew into hill after encountering bad weather, near Venketpuram, Andhra Pradesh, India, 03Aug08, 4 fatalities.
2008 a109k2 10010 REGA HB-XWJ : REGA from 1994; 2005 REGA 9
REGA HB-XWJ : w/o 23jun08 landing at Samedan Hospital
2008 ab212asw 5131 Marina Militare Italiana MM80955 : Marina 7-24; grupelicot4 w/o 01jul08 crash near Calzerosse, an inaccessible area in Grottaglie, near Taranto. Pilot killed and 2 seriously injured
2008 ab412 Jeshi La Wananchi La Tanzania JW9507 : Agusta-Bell AB-412, cn ?tnz07, ff:?; del TAF as JW9507, unk; w/o 09jun08.
2008 ah-1w 26716 Taiwan Army 515 : BuNo 164927; w/o 16jul08 2 killed
2008 ah-64a PV890 Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou ES1015 : Hellenic Army Aviation; FMS BuNo 91-0110; 2007 pictured with 1TEEP; w/o 05nov08
2008 as-61r 6202 Aeronautica Militare Italiana MM80975 : HH-3F AMI 15-02; 2007 pictured in special camo for 30 years/150.000 flight hours anniversary; 85 Centro SAR w/o 07may08 crash at sea near Pratica di Mare
2008 as-61r 6208 Aeronautica Militare Italiana MM80981 : HH-3F AMI 15-10. Crash in France 23oct08
2008 as332b1 2322 fuerza aerea de venezuela 7425 : FAV. d/d 1998. ex F-ZKBB. loaned by President Chavez to Bolivia president Evo Morales
Fuerza Aerea Boliviana FAB-752 : crash 20jul08 near Colomi, Bolivia. 5 fatalities (4 venezuelan and 1 bolivian)
2008 as332l2 2570 BHS Taxi Aereo PP-MUM : BHS; w/o 26feb08 crash into ocean due tail rotor failure after departing Petrobras oil platform P-18, 4 fatalities (of 20)
2008 as332l2 2609 CITIC Group B-7960 : CITIC; w/o 11jun08
2008 as350b2 3158 ERA Helicopters N213EH : ERA Helicopters May05; w/o 15apr08 Sheep Mountain, 34m E Chickaloon, AK. 4 fatalities ; canc Sep11
2008 as350b3 4089 Air Greenland OY-HGR : Air Greenland; w/o 07jun08 crashed at Nuuk; canc 27jul09
2008 as350bb 3035 Army Air Corps ZJ247 : AAC Squirrel HT2 670 squadron w/o 29 May 2008. bbc report

2008 aw109s 22008 PR-IPO : w/o 30apr08 crashed after departure from Parati/Condominio Laranjeiras heliport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2 fatalities
2008 105cbs-4 S-853 D-HAWI Heliservice International: w/o 02mar08 crashed in route from research ship Polarstern to station Neumayer II in Antarctica
2008 ch-47sd M.4143 Boeing Helicopters N51351 : Boeing toward ROC 7303
Taiwan Army 7303 : ROC; w/o 18dec08
2008 CH-53G V65-034 Heeresflieger 84+36 : VFW-Fokker CH-53G c/n V65-034, ff?; del Heeresgeflieger as 84+36 unk; units unk; w/o in crash in mountains near Engelberg, Switzerland, 28Nov08, 15 injured.
Heeresflieger 84+36 : HEER in 2006 MTHR25
2008 ch-54b 64-093 US Army Aviation 70-18485 : Sikorsky S-64B, c/n 64-093, ff?; del US Army as CH-54B 70-18485 unk; stor AMARC as HG000? unk; sold Erickson Air Crane as N163AC unk; conv S-64F unk; current.
Erickson N163AC : sold Erickson Air Crane as N163AC unk; conv S-64F unk; substantially damaged ivo Lago Piccolo di Avigliana, Italy, 01Jun08; Was replenishing the water tank via sea-snorkel in poor visibility conditions (during a fire suppressing demonstration flight,) and crashed in the lake. As of 05Jun08, recovery operations were underway to return the aircraft to Erickson facility in Oregon.
Erickson N163AC : 28aug13 checked in with temp tower at McClellan Field in Sacramento. It was headed in the direction of Yosemite
2008 cheetah CH210 Namibian Air Force H 706 : Namibia Air Force from Nov94; w/o 08jan08
2008 ec135p2+ 0565 Air Methods N238AM : Air Methods /MedEvac 7; w/o 30may08 at Mazzuca Heliport, Pottsville, PA
2008 EC135T2 0359 ÖAMTC OE-XEV : CFV 2004-2007
OMSZ Légimentő kht HA-ECE : Air Ambulance Hungary from Nov07, lsd; w/o 31jul08 at Kiskunlachaza
2008 ec135t2+ 0535 CFS Air Llc N135UW : CFS Air from Jun07
State of Wisconsin N135UW : University of Wisconsin UW Health; w/o 10may08 collision with trees near La Crosse, WI
2008 hh-65 6038 US Coast Guard 4108 : USCG HH-65A d/d nov85, to 6505
US Coast Guard 6505 : 2004 type:HH-65B CGAS San Francisco
US Coast Guard 6505 : CGAS Barbers Point; w/o 08sep08 crashed in Mamala Bay
2008 k-max A94-0037 N267KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0037, ff: 2003; reg Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N267KA, 30Jan03; lsd Superior Helicopter / Kaman Aerospace Corp. as N267KA, 2003; sold Superior Leasing LLC as N267KA, 11Jul05; crashed at Santa Clarita, LA, 17Dec08.
2008 mh-53e 65-602 US Navy 164792 : US Navy; 1996 HM-15 /TB-01
US Navy 164792 : w/o 16jan08 HM-15 /TB-?
2008 mi-17 223M98 macedonian air force VAM-304 : VV i PVO na ARM
macedonian air force VAM-304 : Macedonia 1999 Z3-HHF; w/o 12jan08
2008 mi-8t 9 87 34295 Універсал-Авіа UR-24275 : c/n 9 87 34295 / 98734295; Universal Avia Mi-8T type; 28apr08 w/o
2008 NH500E 203 Aeronautica Militare Italiana MM81265 : AMI w/o March 2008. /72-02 208°Gruppo SVE
2008 NH90 TTH 1008 Aviazione dell'Esercito MM81519 : GITA03, Esercito E.I.202; w/o 01jun08 crash into Lago di Bracciano at Vigna di Valle, Rome during airshow ALI SUL LAGO 2008, 1 fatality
2008 oh-58a 40381 US Army Aviation 69-16160 : US Army; conv to OH-58C; to US Navy as 696160
US Navy 69-16160 : US Army OH-58C; loaned to US Navy Test Pilot School (USNTPS); w/o 20Oct08; 25Feb09 Stricken
2008 II 11054 N74850 : to N911GJ
State of Florida N911GJ : Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) from Dec06; w/o 15may08 during training at Lake Wales Airport, Polk County, FL
2008 II 11875 Starlite Helicopters ZS-PXW : Starlite, w/o 28apr08 at Germiston
2008 S-61N 61-297 Sikorsky Helicopters N10057 : Sikorsky S-61N-24, c/n 61-297, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N10057, 1966; del Okanagan as CF-OKP, 10Sep69; rereg C-FOKP, unk; other regs: N147EH, C-FOKP, HS-HTP, C-FOKP, N612AZ, w/o 2008.
Okanagan Helicopters C-FOKP : Okanagan
Thai Aviation Service HS-HTP : TAS Jun93-Mar97
Carson Helicopters N612AZ : Carson from Jun07
US Forest Service N612AZ : w/o 05aug08 serving US Forest Service was destroyed when suffered loss of power main rotor during takeoff and subsequently impacted trees and terrain near Weaverville, California. 7 Oregon firefighters and 2 crewmen were killed plus 3 injured
2008 s-70c 70-2574 Taiwan Navy 2321 : Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
Taiwan Navy 2321 : w/o 21oct08
2008 vvip 92-0020 N8127N : Washington Times Aviation Inc at Washington, DC Sep05-May06
Tongil Air HL9292 : Times Aerospace Korea LLC at Seoul from Jun06 op by Tong-il Aviation
HL9292 : w/o 19jul08 at Gapyeong, South Korea. No fatalities, Rev Sun Myung Moon and 15 passengers received minor injuries.
2008 ht.3 1191 Royal Air Force XW898 : RAF Gazelle HT3; to civ G-CBXT
G-CBXT : w/o 01nov08 near Langley Hill Farm, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
2008 sa342l 1891 Ejercito Ecuatoriano E-342 : w/o 01aug08
2008 sa365n1 6311 State of Maryland N92MD : MSP Maryland State Police /Trooper 2; w/o 27sep08 crash at Walker Mill Regional Park, District Heights on approach to Andrews AFB. 4 fatalities
2008 th-57a 5015 US Navy 157369 : to Ecuador as FAE406
Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana FAE-406 : BuNo 157369. w/o 2008?
2008 th-57b 3912 US Navy 163342 : USN HT-8 E-185 w/o 13nov08
2008 uh-1d 8681 Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou ES822 : FMS BuNo 66-16487. 3 TEAS w/o 18mar08
2008 UH-1N 31434 US Marine Corps 158765 : to Panama as SAN-100
Servicio Nacional Aeronaval 100 : Panama d/d 1976; w/o 29may08 crashed in downtown Panama City 11 fatalities. ex USMC 158765
2008 wah-64 wah12 Army Air Corps ZJ177 : AAC d/d 10jun00
Army Air Corps ZJ177 : w/o 04sep08 crashed in Helmand Province, AF, during landing at Edinburgh Forward Operating Base; Stored Wattisham
    59 C/N found.

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