Sikorsky HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse

This model is a version of s-58 H-34

c/n 58-1440

Helicopter Sikorsky HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse Serial 58-1440 Register 149341 20172 49341 H-85 H.4K-62/19 used by US Marine Corps Royal Thai Air Force Không lực Việt Nam Cộng hòa (South Vietnam Air Force (1955-1975)) Air America. Aircraft history

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usa 149341
US Marine Corps
Sikorsky HUS-1
redesig UH-34D, Oct62
to Vietnam AF
to Royal Thai AF as 20172
usa 149341
US Marine Corps
std MASDC 27Feb70
soc 22Apr70, TT 3,380 hours
gained by USAF 22Apr70 as /HD
/WO (depot work)
to WRAAR, Pensacola, FL 18Sep70 as /WK (contract work)
/TL (stricken), 22Dec70
bailed to Air America Inc, San Francisco, CA 23Dec70 as H-85
to RTAFB Udorn, Thailand Dec70
possibly MAP to SVnAF 1974 as 49341
to RTAF possibly Apr75 as 20172
H4K-62/19 of 201st Sqn RTAF by Jan01
usa H-85
Air America
Air America 1970
south vietnam 49341
Không lực Việt Nam Cộng hòa
South Vietnam Air Force 1974
thailand 20172
Royal Thai Air Force
RTAF 1975
thailand H.4K-62/19
Royal Thai Air Force
RTAF by 2001

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