sikorsky HUS-1A / UH-34E

This model is a version of s-58 H-34

c/n 58-546

1956 to 1962

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usa 144658
US Marine Corps
Sikorsky HUS-1A, cn 58-546, ff:?
del USN as HUS-1A, 144658, 31May57.
usa 144658
US Navy
sikorsky HUS-1L / LH-34D
conv HUS-1L xfer USN as HUS-1L 144658, unk
xfer VXE-6, unk
redesig LH-34D, Oct62
w/o when crashed at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 23Dec62.
usa 144658
US Navy
Crashed, McMurdo, Antarctica 23dec62

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