boeing-vertol CH-113A Voyageur

This model is a version of 107-ii

c/n 4005

1966 to 1992

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canada 10411
Canadian Army (1945-1968)
For 10411 see also:
        as332m1 c/n 2410
BV-107II-28, c/n 4005, ff?
del Cdn Army as CH-113A VOyageur 10411, 02Dec64
xfer CAF, reserialled as 11311, 1968.
canada 11311
Canadian Armed Forces
xfer CAF, reserialled as 11311, 1968
conv SARCUP std unk
Serving with No. 442 Squadron at CFB Comox, BC, when crashed on 30Apr92. Was hoisting stranded hikers when engine failed at high altitude causing crash at 5,000 ft level in mountains near Bella Coola, Vancouver Island.  One fatality.

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