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2015 Operation Toral
2001 ISAF
2001 Operation Herrick

Afghanistan News

26-Jan-18 - Afghan Special Forces Helicopter Raid Against Taliban
20-Nov-17 - First Afghan Black Hawk Pilots Graduate
24-Oct-17 - Leidos to Support Aircraft for Afghanistan Air Force
19-Sep-17 - First UH-60A+ Black Hawk Delivered to Afghan Air Force
06-Sep-17 - 150 MD530F Cayuse Warrior for FMS Countries
25-Apr-17 - C-5M Completed Brigades Swap in Afghanistan
16-Jan-17 - 3.000 Flying Hours In Afghanistan for Italians NH90
26-Aug-16 - Final Delivery of Enhanced MD530F to Afghanistan
25-Aug-16 - New MD530F to Afghan Air Force Brings Total to 27
13-Jul-16 - AAR Extended Support Contract in Afghanistan
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