canada Robert L. Stanfield International Airport

Halifax, Nova Scotia

23.5205 Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia
24.8196 Halifax Shipyards, Nova Scotia
25.5192 CFB Halifax, Nova Scotia
27.6175CYAW CFB Shearwater, Nova Scotia
29.6186 Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia
40.5307CCW4 Stanley, Nova Scotia

44° 52' 52.69'' N - 63° 30' 33.48'' W

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News about this location :

Canadian Helicopters gets Nova Scotia Offshore Contract, 26-Jan-15 : Canadian Helicopters Ltd will provide Shell Canada Energy offshore personnel and cargo transport, medevac and search and rescue services from Halifax, Nova Scotia with Sikorsky S-92 helicopters.

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2004-mar-30 S-76AC-GIMN
2004-sep-11 s-92 HelibusN492SA
2004-sep-12 CH-124 Sea King12414
2004-sep-12 CH-149 Cormorant149910 / 910
2005-sep-10 CH-124 Sea King12424
2006-mar-09 S-61N Mk.IIC-FXEC
2006-sep-08 HH-60J Jayhawk6028
2006-sep-09 CH-146 Griffon146407
2007-jan-07 AS332L Super PumaC-GOSE
2007-jun-24 HH-60J Jayhawk6003
2007-jul-28 S-76AC-GIMN
2007-aug-20 CH-124 Sea King12405
2008-jan-10 S-76AC-GIMN
2008-feb-26 CH-124 Sea King12426
2008-mar-06 CH-124 Sea King12405
2008-may-18 AS332L Super PumaC-GOSE
2008-sep-04 S-92AC-GVCH
2008-sep-08 CH-124 Sea King12437
2008-nov-29 bo105cbs-2C-GCFQ / 361
2009-jan-10 CH-149 Cormorant149903 / 903
2009-jan-26 CH-124 Sea King12424
2009-jan-27 CH-149 Cormorant149911 / 911
2009-jan-30 CH-124 Sea King12407
2009-mar-01 CH-124 Sea King12436
2009-mar-10 CH-124 Sea King12408
2009-apr-10 S-76AC-GIMN
2009-may-09 bo105cbs-2C-GGGM
2009-may-21 AS332L Super PumaC-FYPO
2009-jul-10 S-92AC-GVCH
2009-sep-21 S-76AC-GIHS
2009-nov-02 AS332L Super PumaC-FYPO
2009-nov-29 bo105cbs-2C-GCHW
2010-jan-01 S-92AC-GVCH
2010-feb-10 CH-149 Cormorant149912 / 912
2010-mar-08 CH-124 Sea King12405
2010-apr-01 S-76AC-GIMN
2010-may-29 AS332L Super PumaC-GOSE
2010-may-31 CH-149 Cormorant149902 / 902
2010-jun-19 S-92AC-GKKN
2010-jun-25 CH-149 Cormorant149910 / 910
2010-aug CHCAS332L Super PumaC-FYPO
2010-nov-27 AS332L Super PumaC-GOSI
2010-dec-07 CH-149 Cormorant149903
2010-dec-09 CH-149 Cormorant149911
2011-feb-05 S-76AC-GIMN
2011-apr-22 bo105cbs-2C-GCHV
2011-may-06 AS332L Super PumaC-GOSI
2011-may-12 HH-60J Jayhawk6040 / 164824
2011-jun-17 CH-124 Sea King12434
2011-aug Cougar HelicoptersS-92ALN-ONS
2011-aug-01 S-92ALN-ONS
2011-aug-13 Cougar HelicoptersS-76AC-GIHS
2011-oct-24 S-92AC-GEKN
2011-dec-02 S-92AC-GVCH
2012-feb-04 230N230HS
2012-jul-10 CH-124 Sea King12404 / 404
2012-aug-08 CH-124 Sea King12414
2012-sep-13 206B-3 Jet RangerC-GGSX
2012-sep-17 Cougar HelicoptersS-92AC-GVCH
2012-oct-11 S-92AC-GKKN
2012-oct-18 CH-124 Sea King12412
2012-nov-19 S-92AN921VH
2013-jul-04 CH-124 Sea King12434
2013-nov-21 S-76AC-GIMN
2013-nov-28 UK CHC ScotiaEC225LPG-OAGA
2014-jun-12 CH-149 Cormorant149913
2014-jul-19 S-92ALN-OQD
2015-mar-09 CH-148 Cyclone148818
2016-mar-08 CH-148 Cyclone148824

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