canada London

London, Ontario

29.4173CYQS Pembroke St. Thomas, Ontario
66.6 80CYFD Brantford, Ontario
78.6 52CYKF Waterloo - Guelph regional, Ontario
94.2268CYZR Sarnia Chris Hadfield, Ontario
99.9 80CYHM Hamilton, Ontario
112.9263KPHN Port Huron St Clair County Intl, Michigan

43° 1' 59.16'' N - 81° 9' 3.60'' W

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By Date | By Serial

CH-118 Iroquois118101
1969-oct Canadian Coast Guard206ACF-DOD
1980-jun-01 CH-147 Chinook147005
1985-jun-01 UH-2B151313 / HT-035
1986-jun-01 HH-3F Pelican1469
1988-jun-05 CH-113A Voyageur11308
1990-jun-01 CH-113A Voyageur11316
1992-jun-01 CH-124 Sea King12405
1994-jun-19 HH-65 Dolphin6585
1994-jun-19 HH-65 Dolphin6585
1995-jun-01 CH-124 Sea King12405
1995-jun-01 MH-53E Sea Dragon164864 / HC-00
1995-jun-19 HH-65 Dolphin6590
1997-jun-01 CH-113A Voyageur11315
1997-jun-07 CH-113 Labrador11302
2003-jun-27 CH-124 Sea King12434
2004-jun-24 CH-149 Cormorant149913 / 913
2004-jun-25 HH-60J Jayhawk6032
2004-jun-27 S-76AC-GIMM
2005-jan-15 S-76AC-GIMM
2005-may-05 S-76AC-FSBH
2005-sep-18 S-76AC-GIMM
2006-feb-22 S-76AC-GIMM
2006-apr-17 S-76AC-GIMT
2006-nov-28 S-76AC-GIMM
2007-jan-24 206L-4 Long RangerN193AL
2007-mar-06 206L-1 Long RangerC-FANV
2007-mar-28 CH-146 Griffon146493
2007-apr-30 S-76AC-GIMM
2007-may-28 S-76AC-FSBH
2007-jun-17 S-76AC-GIMT
2007-jul-05 CH-146 Griffon146479
2007-sep-21 407N518MT
2007-dec-14 S-92AC-GTCH
2008-jan-25 S-76AC-FSBH
2008-dec-29 S-76AC-GIMZ
2008-dec-31 S-76AC-FABH
2009-jan-27 407N407TX
2009-mar-16 S-76AC-GIMM
2009-apr-26 CH-146 Griffon146422
2009-dec-01 ab139C-FUOT
2010-mar-06 AS350B2 EcureuilC-GOGL / 3
2010-mar-31 430C-FOHL
2010-apr-19 S-76AC-GIMM
2010-aug-09 S-76AC-FSBH
2010-aug-15 AS350B3 EcureuilC-GHOY
2011-feb-03 AW139C-GYNK
2011-mar-14 AS350B3 EcureuilC-GHON
2011-oct-23 AW139C-GYNM
2012-apr-06 AW139C-GYNP
2013-apr-15 AW139C-GYNK / 437
2013-jun-23 AW139C-GYNP

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