belgium Kleine Brogel

Meeuwen, Limburg

13.1245EBLE Leopoldsburg Beverlo, Limburg
13.3 43EHBD Budel, Noord-Brabant
17.4273EBKH Keiheuvel, Limburg
17.6168EBZW Genk Zwartberg, Limburg
23.1196EBZH Hasselt, Limburg
25.5219EBLU Lummen Heliport, Limburg

51° 10' 9.12'' N - 5° 28' 14.02'' E
Kleine Brogel
Elevation: 200 feet

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A109BAH22 17jul07 17jul07
A109BAH23 21jul06
A109BAH23 / OTATE 20jul04
A109BAH24 13sep14
A109BAH26 17jul07
A109BAH30 17jul07 17sep09
A109BAH31 13sep14
A109BAH38 20jul04 20jul05 14jul08
A109BAH40 18sep09
A109BAH44 29may09
A109BAH45 20jul04
ab212amMM81148 20sep09
AS332M1 Super PumaT-323 09sep95
AS350BB EcureuilZJ275 06jul08
AS532U2 Cougar S-442 17jul07
AS532U2 Cougar S-442 / 64 17jul07
AS532U2 Cougar S-453 17jun07 17jul07
AS532U2 Cougar S-456 27apr05
CH-47D ChinookD-101 21jul06
CH-53G8404 01sep91
CH-53G8485 01aug98
HH-53C73-1652 30oct03
Merlin HM.1ZH838 / CU-539 18sep09
MH-47E ChinookZH899 13apr11
Mi-24V Hind0705 01aug98
Mi-24V Hind7354 18sep09
Mi-24V Hind7356 20jul05 13sep14
Mi-24V Hind7360 18aug09
NH90 NFHRN01 13sep14
NH90 NFHRN02 19sep15
NH90 TTHRN06 13sep14
NH90 TTHRN07 13sep14
NH90 TTHRN08 19sep15
SA316B Alouette IIIM-1 17jul07
SA318C Alouette IIA59 20jul04
SA318C Alouette IIA79 17jul07
SA330B Puma1017 / ATA 09sep95
SA330E PumaXW223 / DG 01jun78
SA330E PumaZA937 17jul07 17jul07
SA330E PumaZA939 19jun01 17jul07
SA330E PumaZA939 / CX 17jul07
Sea King Mk.48RS02 17jul07 17jul07 15sep12
Sea King Mk.48RS04 20jul05
UH-1D73+28 25sep12
UH-1H Iroquois74-22513 01aug98
UH-1N69-6607 01jul86
Wessex HC.2XT601 09sep95

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