belgium Brussel National/Zaventem

Brussels, Vlaams-Brabant

1.2 9EBMB Melsbroek, Vlaams-Brabant
9.5224 Parc du Cinquantenaire, Vlaams-Brabant
10.7243 Allée Verte, Vlaams-Brabant
19.0350EBMW Walem Heliport, Antwerpen
24.4230EBSW Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Vlaams-Brabant
25.4128EBBE Beauvechain, Waals-Brabant

1940 to present

50 54 8.37 secs N - 4 29 16.33 secs E
6 mil NE of Brussel
Elevation: 190 feet

EBBR is the ICAO code for the civil side, whereas EBMB (MB from Melsbroek) refers to the military airport North of the civil terminal. The airport was built alongside the Haachtsesteenweg, Melsbroek by the German during WW2. In 1958,a civil terminal was built on the South side, hence two ICAO codes for the same airport.

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1992-may 280FXOO-PVL
1999-aug-28 R44 AstroOO-EGJ
2000-may-05 MD520NG-14
2000-aug-10 MD900 ExplorerG-10
2002-sep-05 206B-3 Jet RangerOO-VCC
2003-jul-10 A109BAH36
2003-sep-18 206B-3 Jet RangerOO-VCC
2004-mar-29 MD900 ExplorerLX-HMD
2004-apr-09 MD900 ExplorerG-10
2004-may-01 AS332M1 Super Puma2377 / FU
2004-sep-02 R22 BetaOO-EGH
2005-feb-16 VH-60N Whitehawk163261
2005-feb-20 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2005-mar-06 MD900 ExplorerG-12
2005-apr-02 206B-3 Jet RangerOO-VBA
2005-sep-10 S-76BG-HARH
2005-sep-11 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 PH-HHJ
2005-sep-11 EC120BPH-WRW
2005-sep-25 MD900 ExplorerG-10
2006-apr-21 MD902 ExplorerLX-HRC
2006-may-03 AW109E PowerG-TYCN
2006-may-19 MD520NG-14
2006-may-19 MD900 ExplorerG-12
2006-sep-16 EC120BOO-ECB
2006-dec-14 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2007-mar-11 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2007-may-24 SA330E PumaXW223
2007-may-24 SA330E PumaZA938
2008-feb-01 MD520NG-15
2008-feb-01 MD900 ExplorerG-10
2008-feb-01 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2008-feb-01 MD900 ExplorerG-12
2008-mar US US Army AviationUH-60A Black Hawk87-24589
2008-mar-31 UH-60A Black Hawk87-24583
2008-sep-14 Sea King Mk.48RS05
2009-jan-30 MD520NG-14 / OT-GID
2009-mar-01 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2009-apr-21 MD900 ExplorerG-10
2010-feb-21 AW109S GrandN359SH
2011-sep-30 MD520NG-15
2011-dec-22 MD520NG-14
2012-jan-15 GendarmerieMD902 ExplorerG-16
2012-mar-09 AW109SP GrandNewF-HOLY
2012-may R44 AstroN443DC
2012-aug-12 MD520NG-14 / OT-GID
2013-may-15 AW109SP GrandNewF-HOLY
2013-jul-21 GendarmerieMD520NG-15
2013-jul-21 GendarmerieMD900 ExplorerG-12
2013-jul-21 GendarmerieMD902 ExplorerG-16
2013-jul-21 Belgium National DayNL Marine LuchtvaartdienstNH90 NFHN-195
2013-jul-21 Force Aérienne BelgeNH90 TTHRN05
2014-oct-15 NL Heli HollandAS355F2 Ecureuil 2 PH-HHJ
2014-oct-15 AW109SP GrandNewF-HOLY

Latest News

Upgraded MD902 Delivered to CoxHealth

Indra Working on Simulator for Spanish NH90

Two Additional H225 for South Korea Firefighters

Thai Aviation Services Implemented WinAir 7

AC312E Completes Plateau Tests

Russian Helicopters at Milipol 2017

First AW101 Delivered to Norway

GE Begins Production of T408 Engine for CH-53K




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