finland Malmi

Helsinki, Uusimaa

7.2320 Finnish Aviation Museum, Uusimaa
9.0323EFHK Helsinki Vantaa, Uusimaa
13.1211 Aker Finnyards, Uusimaa
13.5209EFHE Hernesaari Heliport, Uusimaa
91.1190EECL City Hall Heliport, Harju maakond
94.2187EETN Ulemiste, Harju maakond

60° 15' 14.04'' N - 25° 2' 39.12'' E

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By Date | By Serial

1979-feb-23 H-19D ChickasawOH-HSA
2000-apr-04 S-76COH-HCI
2001-sep-16 S-76COH-HCI
2002-may-01 AS332L1 Super PumaOH-HVI
2002-may-19 AS350B3 EcureuilSE-JFX
2002-jun-16 AB206BOH-HIF
2002-jul-13 bo105cbsOH-HCD
2002-aug-17 369D / 500DOH-HWH
2002-aug-25 S-76COH-HCI
2003-may-18 S-76COH-HCJ
2003-jul-03 s-92N492SA
2003-sep-07 AB206BOH-HIF
2004-jul-21 Mi-8T Hip-CHS-13
2004-aug-01 AB206BOH-HIF
2005-feb-27 EC135P2OH-HCL
2005-apr-24 AS350B2 EcureuilSE-JIH
2005-may-10 ab412spOH-HVD
2005-may-27 bo105cbs-2OH-HMS
2005-aug-05 MD500EHH-10
2005-aug-09 MD500EHH-12
2005-aug-09 S-76COH-HCI
2005-aug-25 EC135P2OH-HCN
2006-jan-28 EC135P2OH-HCO
2006-jan-29 412EPOH-HVK
2006-may-07 EC135P2OH-HCL
2006-may-09 ab412spOH-HVH
2006-jun-10 bo105cbs-4HB-ZHS
2007-may-20 EC135P2OH-HCM
2007-jun-09 412EPOH-HVK
2007-oct-05 EC135P2OH-HCP
2007-oct-05 EC135T2OH-HCP
2008-jan-26 EC135P2OH-HCM
2009-feb-18 ab412spOH-HVE
2009-mar-18 ab412spOH-HVH
2009-aug-15 ab412spOH-HVD
2009-aug-15 AS332L1 Super PumaOH-HVI
2009-aug-15 NH90 TTHNH-206
2010-aug-04 AW119Ke KoalaOH-HVL
2010-oct-23 AW139PH-EUD
2011-jan-26 AW119Ke KoalaOH-HVM
2016-dec-28 AW139M-FLSN

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