united kingdom Gloucestershire Airport

Gloucester / Cheltenham, England
united kingdom

8.4 63EGBC Cheltenham Heliport, England
19.0 1 Strensham helipad, England
21.6 5 Croft Farm, England
25.9163EGBP Cotswold / Kemble, England
28.0143 South Cerney, England
29.3 17 Pershore, England

1931 to present

51 53 30 secs N - 2 9 50 secs W
2.5nm NE of Gloucester
Elevation: 101 feet

Opened as Down Hatherley in 1931, the airfield name was changed to Staverton in 1936 when the local Councils of Gloucester and Chelternham bought land close to the original site and rebuilt the facilities. It achieved fame as a centre of innovation during the 1940s while Sir Alan Cobham developed and refined his in-flight refuelling techniques.
It became home to the pioneering Skyfame Museum in Aug 1963 until that closed in Jan 1978 but its association with operational helicopters was established in the 1990s when Bond Helicopters based itself here.  It was renamed again, to Gloucestershire Airport in 1993.  In April 2005, Bond renewed its commitment, with the installation and opening of a $2M full motion EC135 simulator.

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2005/nowRise Helicopters

News about this location :

Babcock Expands into Gloucestershire Facility, 08-Sep-16 : Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore (ex Bond) acquired a 20,000-square-foot hangar at Gloucestershire Airport as a base for its growing MRO operations.

Seven AW169 EMS Kits for UK’s SAS, 22-Aug-16 : UK’s Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) awarded contract to Air Methods’s United Rotorcraft for 7 AW169 ambulance interior kits

Bond Air Services Gets UK Third H145 / EC145T2, 17-Mar-15 : The third H145 (formerly EC145T2) to arrive in the UK was delivered to Bond Air Services this week joining the other two which are both already at the company’s Staverton headquarters

Bond Air Services Received Their Second EC145T2, 26-Jan-15 : UK second EC145T2 arrived at Bond Air Services Gloucestershire Airport headquarters last week. The brand new aircraft will be operated for the Scottish Ambulance Service

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By Date | By Serial

1969-jul ExhibitsycamoreG-ALSX
1982-may-09 Sea King HAR.3XZ595
2002-sep-17 MD902 ExplorerG-EHMS
2005-may-06 MD902 ExplorerG-KAAT
2006-mar-11 480G-IGHH
2007-mar-14 480G-IGHH
2007-mar-16 430N901RL
2007-may-01 SA330E PumaXW219 / DC
2007-may-01 SA330E PumaZA935
2007-jul-31 EC145G-MPSA
2008-may-13 SA330E PumaXW212
2009-feb-03 MD902 ExplorerG-KSSH
2009-mar-13 430EI-WAV
2009-mar-13 MD902 ExplorerG-CEMS
2009-mar-18 MD902 ExplorerG-SUSX
2009-may-15 MD902 ExplorerG-LNAA
2009-may-22 MD902 ExplorerG-EHMS
2009-jun-24 bo105cbG-BTKL
2009-jun-25 EC135T1G-BZRS
2010-mar-16 MD900 ExplorerN555WA
2010-may-28 Rise Helicopters206B-2 Jet RangerG-GEZZ
2010-may-28 206B-3 Jet RangerG-BSBW
2010-may-28 206L-3 Long RangerG-RCOM
2010-may-28 269C / 300G-BOXT
2010-may-28 280C SharkG-SHAA
2010-may-28 280FXG-PBYY
2010-may-28 280FXG-OJBB
2010-may-28 300CG-ZZTT
2010-may-28 Patriot Aviation300CBi (269C-1)G-CGGJ
2010-may-28 Rise HelicoptersAB206B-2G-BUZZ
2010-may-28 Rise HelicoptersAB206B-2G-WIZZ
2010-may-28 AS355F Ecureuil 2G-LNTY
2010-may-28 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 G-PRDH
2010-may-28 Bond Aviation Groupbo105cbs-2G-CDBS
2010-may-28 bo105dbs-4G-PASX
2010-may-28 Bond Aviation GroupEC135T2+G-GOWF
2010-may-28 MD369E / MD500EG-OGJP
2010-may-28 UK Air AmbulancesMD902 ExplorerG-EHAA
2010-may-28 Rise HelicoptersR22 BetaG-BXUC
2010-may-28 R22 BetaG-BPNI
2010-may-28 R22 BetaG-GJCD
2010-may-28 R22 BetaG-OASH
2010-may-28 Rise HelicoptersR22 Beta IIG-BXSG
2010-may-28 Rise HelicoptersR22 Beta IIG-CHPA
2010-may-28 R22 Beta IIG-BYZZ
2010-may-28 R44 AstroG-LUKY
2010-may-28 R44 Raven IIG-CGGS
2010-may-28 R44 Raven IIG-ILET
2010-may-28 R44 Raven IIG-OHAM
2010-may-28 R44 Raven IIG-ODHB
2010-may-28 Rise HelicoptersR44 Raven IIG-RYZZ
2010-may-28 R44 Raven IIG-IGZZ
2010-jun-05 EC135T1G-KRNW
2011-mar-17 EC135T2G-SPHU
2011-mar-17 EC135T2+G-GOWF
2011-mar-17 MD902 ExplorerG-GMPX
2012-mar-13 MD900 ExplorerLX-HPG
2013-mar-14 MD902 ExplorerG-WPAS
2013-sep-16 bo105dG-BUXS
2014-mar-12 EC135T2+4K-AZ91
2014-mar-12 EC135T2+4K-AZ91
2014-mar-21 EC135T2+G-OPAH
2014-sep-21 SE3130 Alouette IIG-BVSD
2015-feb-02 DE DRF LuftrettungEC135P2+D-HDRX
2015-mar-26 H145 / EC145T2G-HEMC
2015-mar-26 H145 / EC145T2G-SASN
2016-mar-17 MD902 ExplorerG-KSSH
2016-dec-21 UK Air AmbulancesAW169G-LNAC
2017-feb-26 Babcock InternationalH145 / EC145T2I-HFRT,?
2017-jul-08 Babcock InternationalEC135T2G-CGPI

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Russian Helicopters at Milipol 2017

First AW101 Delivered to Norway

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