united kingdom Robin Hood Airport

Doncaster/Sheffield, England
united kingdom

8.2302EGCI Aeroventure, England
9.1 16EGUT RAF Lindholme, England
13.5 45EGCF Sandtoft, England
21.9170EGNE Retford Gamston, England
27.0250EGSY Sheffield City, England
30.8256 Sheffield Northern General, England

53° 28' 28.92'' N - 1° 0' 15.98'' W

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By Date | By Serial

1975-sep-20 SA330E PumaXW229 / DB
1975-sep-20 SA330E PumaXW236 / CP
1977-jun-30 SA330E PumaXW219 / DC
1977-jun-30 Wessex HC.2XR518
1977-jul-01 Wessex HC.2XS679 / BP
1977-jul-30 SA330E PumaXW206 / CC
1977-jul-30 Wessex HC.2XV720
1977-jul-30 Wessex HC.2XV723 / AQ
1977-jul-30 Whirlwind HAR.4XD163 / X
1978-sep-02 Sea King HAR.3XZ595 / K
1983-sep-17 SA330E PumaXW200 / FA
1985-sep-06 CH-47C ChinookZD575 / FF
1985-sep-06 Sea King HAR.3ZE369
1986-sep-01 LynxG-LYNX
1986-sep-01 Sea King HAR.3XZ587 / C
1986-sep-20 UH-1H IroquoisG-HUEY
1988-sep-01 CH-47C ChinookZA680 / BV
1988-sep-01 CH-47D ChinookZA680 / BV
1988-sep-01 SA341D Gazelle HT.3XX406 / P
1988-sep-16 Whirlwind HAR.2XJ729
1989-sep-23 Lynx HAS2XZ235
1989-sep-23 Wessex HC.2XR497
1992-aug-19 Lynx AH9ZG885
2008-mar-31 EH101 Mk.512ZK001
2016-jul R22 Beta IIG-LYNC

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