united kingdom Portland Heliport

Portland, England

united kingdom


1917 to present

Location: 50 34 3.36 secs N     -     2 26 57.84 secs W
1nm NW of Fortuneswell, Isle of Portland
ICAO: EGDPIATA:   Elevation: 9 feet

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Built in 1917 by the Royal Navy as HMS Serepta within the confines of Portland Harbour. Seaplanes were originally operated from the bases slipways. In 1919, 241 Squadron was disbanded and aviation operations ceased. In 1946, Hoverfly R-4Bs moved in and the bases playing fields were taken over as a landing ground and became the site of the modern heliport, after building work and the main runway completed in early 1959. 815 Squadron flew its 12 Whirlwinds in from RNAS Eglinton on 14 Apr 1959 and RNAS Portland was formally commissioned as HMS Osprey on 24 Apr 1959. The base was gradually improved over the years and it has been the home of the small ships flight Wasp, Wessex and Lynx fleet and at one point, the slipway was used by hovercraft. As the base wound down, Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) moved to Plymouth and the Fleet Target Group moved to RNAS Culdrose. The Royal Navy closed HMS Osprey on 31 Mar 1999.

When HMS Osprey closed on 31 Mar 1999, the RN School of Helicopter Control moved to its new premises at HMS Heron (Yeovilton) and the Fleet Target Group moved to HMS Seahawk (Culdrose) and became 792 Squadron in Nov 2001.

Portland is also famous for having one of the shortest runways (04/22 at 229m) in England. The heliport remains available for the HM Coastguard SAR flight.

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1995/nowportland districtAW139 2008/now
s-61 H-3 1995/08
1990/92700 squadronLynx 1990/92
1982/99702 squadronLynx 1978/now
1982/99815 squadronLynx 1981/now
1974/95772 squadronSea King HC.4 1988/95
wessex 1974/88
1972/81703 squadronwasp 1972/81
1967/74771 squadronwessex 1969/79
whirlwind 1967/70
1964706 squadronwasp 1964/75
UH-12E Raven 1964
wessex 1962/70
1964/93829 squadronLynx 1986/93
wessex 1982/84
wessex 1969/70
whirlwind 1967/76
whirlwind 1965/67
wasp 1964/88
wessex 1964/70
whirlwind 1964/66
1961/64771 squadronwasp 1963/64
wessex 1963
saro p.531 1961/64
whirlwind 1961/64
dragonfly 1961/63
s-55 H-19 1961
1959815 squadronwhirlwind 1959/60
whirlwind 1959
whirlwind 1958/59
1959/83737 squadronsea king 1973/75
wessex 1962/82
s-55 H-19 1960/61
whirlwind 1959/62
1958/99Flag Officer Sea Trainingsa365 dauphin 2 1997/now
1950705 squadrondragonfly 1950/53
R-4 Hoverfly 1947/50
1946/47771 squadronR-4 Hoverfly 1945/47

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        By Date | By Serial

1959-marFleet Air ArmDragonfly HR.3WG751
1985-sep-13First In Readiness 3Fleet Air ArmwaspXT415
1986-nov-21Portland DumpFleet Air ArmwaspXT786
1987-augFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ690
1987-augFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ693
1987-augFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ691
1987-augFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ233
1987-augFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ238
1987-augFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ257
1987-augFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ731
1987-aug MarinefliegerSea King Mk.4189+66
1987-augFleet Air ArmwaspXT432
1987-sep-08Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS3ZD263
1988-may Marine LuchtvaartdienstLynx mk27270
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ237
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ695
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmSA341C Gazelle HT.2XW864
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmSA341C Gazelle HT.2XW857
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmSA341C Gazelle HT.2XW884
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmSA341C Gazelle HT.2XX431
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmSA341C Gazelle HT.2XX446
1988-may-16Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.1XV664
1988-may-18Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.1XV676
1988-may-26Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XW911
1988-jun HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+04
1988-jul-04Fleet Air ArmSea King HC.4ZF120
1988-jul-12 HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+35
1988-jul-13Army Air CorpsA109aZE412
1988-jul-13Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS3ZD265
1988-jul-13PID TrialsMcAlpine HelicoptersSA365N Dauphin 2G-BNZY
1988-jul-17Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.1XV666
1988-nov-22Ministry of Defence (MoD)SA341D Gazelle HT.3XZ936
1991-mar-14Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.1XV708
1993-julHAS3S conversionFleet Air ArmLynx HAS3ZD262
1995-sep-28Sea King HC.4ZG820
1997-decFleet Air ArmwaspXT778
1997-decFleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XS870
1998-jan-14Lynx HAS2XZ730 / 304
1998-oct-17Lynx HAS2XZ695 / 345
1998-oct-17Lynx HAS2XZ691 / RM-474
1998-oct-17Lynx HAS3ZD265 / 376
1998-oct-17Sea King HC.4ZF120 / K
2013-marMarina gate guardFleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ250

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