united kingdom RAF Bentwaters

Woodbridge, England
united kingdom

4.7205EGVG RAF Woodbridge, England
13.3239 Martlesham Heath, England
19.9236EGSE Ipswich, England
20.7244 Ipswich Harbour, England
22.6207 Harwich, England
24.9252 Abbey Oaks, England

52° 7' 40.08'' N - 1° 26' 11.00'' E

By David Fisher: I was stationed at Bentwaters AFB, near Ipswich England. I lived off base as base housing was in short supply. I was stationed there between the years 1981 and 1985 where I also brought over my high-school girlfriend and married here at the town hall.

The base commander was Cornel Peter S. Miner who was also an A-10 Pilot. In fact the entire base was an A-10 base and I was Cornel Miner's crew Chief. When Cornel minor was provided a King Air Aircraft for personal transportation, he had be also become his crew chief on that aircraft and sent me to Beech Aircraft Company in Wichita where I was trained as an A/P mechanic and an I/A inspector.

Then when Cornel Minor was promoted to Brigadier General, he was provided a Gulfstream GIII and I was again the crew chief on that aircraft.

As crew chief, no work was allowed to be done without my inspection and my sign off.

I also had to travel quite a bit with the Cornel and then General from base to base and no matter what time of the day or night, if anything was done to the aircraft, I had to get up and inspect the work.

At the end of 1985, my term was up; I went to go work for Gulfstream in Georgia.

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1992-sep-05 Sea King HAR.3ZE369

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