netherlands Woensdrecht

Bergen op Zoom, Noord-Brabant

16.3167EBHN Hoevenen, Antwerpen
16.9139EBBT Brasschaat, Antwerpen
18.8 51EHSE Seppe, Noord-Brabant
22.8179 Haven van Antwerpen, Antwerpen
26.7350 Achthuizen, Zuid-Holland
30.0163EBAW Antwerp Deurne, Antwerpen

51° 26' 56.03'' N - 4° 20' 30.01'' E

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1996 Koninklijke LuchtmachtSE3160 Alouette IIIA-301
2000 Koninklijke Luchtmachtbo105cbB-67
2010-jun-10 AH-64D ApacheQ-18
2010-jun-21 AW139PH-PXZ
2010-aug-19 CH-47D ChinookD-667
2010-aug-19 CH-47D ChinookD-667
2010-aug-27 Lynx AH1XZ653
2010-oct-16 Merlin HC.3ZJ123 / G
2010-oct-25 A109BAH33
2010-nov-30 Lynx mk25261 / K
2010-dec-06 AH-64D ApacheQ-19
2011-jan-05 AH-64D ApacheQ-14 / X
2011-jan-19 CH-47D ChinookD-101
2011-jan-20 CH-47D ChinookD-664
2011-jan-27 Lynx AH1XZ670
2011-mar-02 AS532U2 Cougar S-447
2011-mar-11 CH-47D ChinookD-661
2011-mar-11 CH-47D ChinookD-666
2011-mar-11 SE3160 Alouette IIIA-301
2011-mar-29 A109BAH20
2011-mar-29 AS532U2 Cougar S-440
2011-apr-07 CH-47D ChinookD-662
2011-apr-13 MH-47E ChinookZH899
2011-may-25 EC135P2+PH-PXE
2011-may-25 Lynx AH1XZ182
2011-may-26 Lynx AH1XZ182
2011-may-26 Lynx AH1XZ670
2011-jun-08 NH90 NFHN-195
2011-jun-14 A109BAH28
2011-jun-14 A109BAH29
2011-jun-14 A109BAH29
2011-jun-20 A109BAH01
2011-jul-17 AS532U2 Cougar S-441
2011-jul-22 Mi-171Sh9813
2011-aug-19 CH-47D ChinookD-102
2011-aug-22 AW139PH-PXZ
2011-aug-22 NH90 NFHN-175
2011-sep-21 CH-53G8430
2011-sep-28 AS532U2 Cougar S-454
2011-oct-24 AS532U2 Cougar S-453
2012-mar-08 SE3160 Alouette IIIA-247
2012-mar-19 CH-47D ChinookZH777 / EG
2012-may-10 Lynx AH1XZ679 / W
2012-may-14 AW139PH-PXY
2012-jun-20 CH-47D ChinookD-666
2013-feb-07 AH-64D ApacheQ-30
2013-jun-07 CH-47D ChinookD-661
2013-jun-27 NH90 NFHN-234
2013-aug-16 CH-47F ChinookD-890
2013-dec-04 AW139PH-PXZ
2014-feb-13 AS532U2 Cougar S-440
2014-aug-12 CH-47D ChinookD-666
2014-oct-29 Marine LuchtvaartdienstLynx mk27266
2017-jan-24 Marine LuchtvaartdienstNH90 NFHN-233

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