south africa AFB Swartkop

Pretoria, Gauteng
south africa

3.2114 68 Air School, Gauteng
6.6111FAWK Waterkloof, KwaZulu-Natal
8.2 16 Pretoria Zoo, Gauteng
18.0 19FAWB Wonderboom Pretoria, Gauteng
20.1186FAGC Grand Central, Gauteng
28.0238FALA Lanseria, Gauteng

1921 to present

25 48 25 secs S - 28 9 52 secs E
Elevation: 4794 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1968/8115 squadronSA321L Super Frelon 1968/90
TP-1 Oryx ? to ?
? to ?17 squadronA109LUH 2004/now
TP-1 Oryx 1993/now
sa330 puma 1992/97
alouette iii 1969/06

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By Date | By Serial

1979 ExhibitHO4S-3ZS-HDO
1987 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagHO4S-3A5
1987-nov-12 HO4S-3A5
2001 ExhibitDZ Al Quwwat Aljawwiya Aljaza EriiyaMi-24A2034
2003-aug-16 SE3130 Alouette II15
2005-aug-25 BK117A-3387
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse Lugmagalouette iii51
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse Lugmagalouette iii29
2008 ExhibitHO4S-3WV224
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse Lugmags-51 / R-5 / H-5A1
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagS-55CA4
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagSA321L Super Frelon309
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagSA330C Puma129
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagSA330L Puma175
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagSE3130 Alouette II15
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagSE3130 Alouette II15
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagSE3130 Alouette II19
2008 ExhibitSuid-Afrikaanse LugmagSE3130 Alouette II22
2008 Exhibit (cabin)Suid-Afrikaanse LugmagSE3130 Alouette II40
2009-may-16 SA330L Puma175
2009-may-16 SE3130 Alouette II15
2010-aug-14 SA330L Puma175
2010-aug-14 SE3130 Alouette II15
2011-may-20 AH-2 Rooivalk681
2013-may-10 AH-2 Rooivalk672
2014-may-10 SA341C Gazelle HT.2ZU-HBH

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