usa Chambers Field NAS Norfolk

Norfolk, Virginia

3.6286 NS Norfolk, Virginia
6.5329 Hampton Roads, Virginia
8.6188VA88 Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Heliport, Virginia
9.2121KORF Norfolk Intl, Virginia
10.831971VA Sentara Hampton General Hospital Heliport, Virginia
11.4101 Little Creek naval base, Virginia

1918 to present

36° 56' 14.86'' N - 76° 17' 21.34'' W
Norfolk, VA
Elevation: 16 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2016/nowHSC-11 Dragon Slayerss-70 H-60 2016/now
2015/nowHM-12 Sea DragonsMH-53E Sea Dragon 2015/now
2015/nowVMM-744v-22 Osprey 2015/now
2014/nowHSC-5 Nightdipperss-70 H-60 2014/now
2011/nowHSC-7 Dusty Dogss-70 H-60 2011/now
2010/13HS-5 Nightdipperss-70 H-60 1995/13
2010/nowHM-15 BlackhawksMH-53E Sea Dragon 1987/now
2009/nowHSC-9 Tridentss-70 H-60 2009/now
2006/nowHSC-2 Fleet Angelss-70 H-60 2006/now
2006/nowHSC-22 Sea Knightss-70 H-60 2006/now
MQ-8A/B Fire Scout ? to ?
2006/nowHSC-84 Red Wolves s-70 H-60 2006/now
2005/nowHSC-26 Chargerss-70 H-60 2005/now
2005/nowHSC-28 Dragonwhaless-70 H-60 2005/now
1989/06HCS-4 Red Wolvess-70 H-60 1989/06
1987/06HC-2 Fleet Angelss-61 H-3 1987/06
CH-53E Super Stallion 1987/06
1986/95HM-18 NorsemenRH-53D 1986/95
1984/05HC-8 Dragonwhales107M H-46 Sea Knight 1984/05
1978/nowHM-14 VanguardMH-53E Sea Dragon 1989/now
RH-53D 1978/89
1978/87HM-16 SeahawksRH-53D 1978/87
1976/89HAL-4 Red WolvesHH-1K Iroquois 1976/89
1974/93HSL-34 Green Checkersseasprite 1974/93
1973/94HSL-32 Invadersseasprite 1973/94
1972/93HSL-30 Neptunes Horsemenseasprite 1962/93
1971/94HM-12 Sea DragonsMH-53E Sea Dragon 1987/94
CH-53E Super Stallion 1983/94
RH-53D 1975/94
1969/14HMM-774107M H-46 Sea Knight 1971/15
1956/66HS-7 Dusty Dogss-58 H-34 1957/64
s-55 H-19 1956/57
1952/05HC-6 Chargerss-70 H-60 2002/05
MH-53E Sea Dragon 1986/87
107M H-46 Sea Knight 1967/02
s-61 H-3 1965/87
s-58 H-34 1960/70

News about this location :

HM-14 Conducts Five Helicopter Formation, 22-Apr-16 : US Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron HM-14 "Vanguard", based at NAS Norfolk, conduct the first five MH-53E Sea Dragon flight formation since 2006

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By Date | By Serial

1992-apr-24 UH-1N158264
1995-apr-01 CH-46F155310 / MQ-412
1995-apr-01 HH-60J Jayhawk6019 / 163819
1995-may-01 CH-46D153962 / MQ-409
2002-apr-27 CH-46A151952
2005-may-13 MH-53E Sea Dragon162503 / BJ-561
2006-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46D154801
2008-sep-02 MH-60S Seahawk165770 / BR-52
2009-may US Marine CorpsCH-46D153395
2009-may US Marine CorpsCH-46F156433
2010-sep-17 HSS-2 Sea King148042 / HU 728
2010-sep-17 RH-53D158692 / NW-601
2010-sep-17 UH-2A149026
2011-may-01 MH-53E Sea Dragon164771 / BJ 540
2012-mar US Marine CorpsCH-46D153321
2012-aug US Marine CorpsCH-46D154808
2012-aug US Marine CorpsCH-46D154815
2012-aug US Marine CorpsCH-46F154855
2012-aug US Marine CorpsCH-46F156432
2013-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46F157673
2013-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46F156444
2014-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46D153321
2014-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46F154855
2014-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46F155308
2014-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46F156462
2014-apr-24 HH-60H Rescue Hawk163790
2015-apr-17 US Marine CorpsCH-46D153369
2015-jul-30 US Marine CorpsCH-46D153369
2016-sep US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon163067
2016-sep US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon164765
2016-sep US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon163055
2016-sep US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon163069

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