usa NAS Oceana

Virginia Beach, Virginia

8.1185 VBPD, Virginia
14.8342 Lynnhaven Roads, Virginia
15.8312 Little Creek naval base, Virginia
17.1298KORF Norfolk Intl, Virginia
23.1273 NS Portsmouth, Virginia
24.5280VA88 Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Heliport, Virginia

1940 to present

36° 49' 14.16'' N - 76° 1' 59.89'' W
Virginia Beach, VA
Elevation: 20 feet

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By Date | By Serial

1995-sep-23 US Army AviationCH-47D Chinook85-24337
1995-sep-23 US Coast GuardHH-60J Jayhawk6002
1995-sep-23 US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon164793
1995-sep-23 US NavyUH-46A151904
1996-mar-23 HH-53C73-1652
1999-sep US NavyHSS-2 Sea King149725
1999-sep US Army AviationMH-47E Chinook92-00400
1999-sep US Army AviationMH-6E81-23649
1999-sep-01 OH-58A Kiowa70-15526
2002-sep-22 HH-60J Jayhawk6001
2004-sep-24 MH-53E Sea Dragon163067 / BJ-556
2004-sep-24 MH-60S Seahawk166314 / BR-43 HC-8
2004-sep-26 HSS-2 Sea King148965
2005-mar-09 CH-124 Sea King12414
2005-jul-17 R44 NewscopterN7187B
2005-sep-16 HH-60J Jayhawk6009 / 163809
2005-sep-16 MH-60S Seahawk165778 / HW-72
2006-mar-10 CH-46D154010 / 13
2006-mar-10 CH-46F155304
2006-sep-01 HH-60J Jayhawk6003 / 163803
2006-sep-08 TH-6B Cayuse696044 / 43
2007-sep-08 CH-46D152578 / MQ-402
2007-sep-08 HH-60J Jayhawk6001
2007-sep-08 MH-53E Sea Dragon163069 / BJ-555
2007-sep-08 MH-53E Sea Dragon164773 / BJ-551
2007-sep-09 HH-65 Dolphin6581
2008-sep-19 CH-46F156432 / MQ-437
2008-sep-19 MV-22B Osprey166391 / MV-22
2009-oct-16 MH-60S Seahawk167821
2011-sep-23 HH-60H Rescue Hawk163787 / 202
2011-sep-23 MH-60S Seahawk167872 / AC-613
2011-sep-23 MH-60S Seahawk167874
2011-sep-24 HH-65 Dolphin6593

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