bulgaria Plovdiv International Airport

Asenovgrad, Plovdiv

27.2335LBPG Graf Ignatievo airbase, Plovdiv
117.3302LBLS Lesnovo,
137.6300LBSF Sofia Intl,
139.5 30LBGO Gorna Orechovica,
140.5 5 Kamenets, Pleven
233.1222LGTS Thessaloniki,

42 4 7 secs N - 24 51 5 secs E
Near Plovdiv
Elevation: 597 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
? to ?1/24 vertoletna vaeAS532AL Cougar 2006/now
Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen) 1981/now
? to ?2/24 vertoletna vaeMi-24 Hind 1981/now
? to ?ouaz206B Jet Ranger 1999/now

News about this location :

First Cougar Delivered to Bulgaria, 28-Aug-06 : Eurocopter delivered the first, of 12, AS532AL Cougar to Bulgaria in a ceremony at the 24th Air Force Base in Krumovo (Plovdiv Airport). The €360M contract also includes 6 AS565MB Panthers.

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By Date | By Serial

1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite203
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite205
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite206
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite209
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite210
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite211
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite213
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite214
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite215
1999 bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-2 Hoplite216
2005-aug-29 Mi-17 Hip-HVAM-302
2007-feb-19 Mi-24V Hind140
2007-sep-04 Mi-24V Hind144
2007-sep-13 AS532AL Cougar704
2008-jan-29 Mi-24V Hind144 / I
2008-jan-30 AS532AL Cougar704
2008-jun-02 Mi-24V Hind140
2009-sep-11 Mi-24V Hind140
2009-oct-02 Mi-171COM-AVO
2009-nov-03 Mi-171COM-AVN
2010-jan-26 Mi-24V Hind140
2010-apr-26 Mi-171COM-AVO
2010-may-12 Mi-17 Hip-H418
2010-dec-02 Mi-17 Hip-H419
2011-jan-18 Mi-17 Hip-H418
2011-apr-07 Mi-17 Hip-H419
2011-sep-02 Mi-24V Hind144
2011-sep-03 Mi-24V Hind140
2011-dec-05 AS565MB Panther902
2012-jan-31 Mi-17 Hip-H419
2013-apr-24 Mi-17 Hip-H419
2014-feb-13 Mi-17 Hip-H419
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-17PP hip-k431
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-17PP hip-k432
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni silimi-24d133
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni silimi-24d134
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni silimi-24d135
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni silimi-24d136
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni silimi-24d137
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-24V Hind146
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-24V Hind140
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-24V Hind141
2015-may bulgarski voennovazdushni siliMi-24V Hind144

Latest News

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Indra Working on Simulator for Spanish NH90

Two Additional H225 for South Korea Firefighters

Thai Aviation Services Implemented WinAir 7

AC312E Completes Plateau Tests

Russian Helicopters at Milipol 2017

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