spain Cuatro Vientos

Madrid, Madrid

1.6253 Museo del Aire, Madrid
9.7148LEGT Getafe, Madrid
18.6333 Las Rozas heliport, Madrid
23.9 54LEMD Barajas, Madrid
31.9 63LETO Torrejon, Madrid
36.5 2LECV Colmenar Viejo, Madrid

40° 22' 13.80'' N - 3° 47' 6.00'' W
Elevation: 2269 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1975/nowEscuadron 402super puma/cougar 2005/now
as332 super puma 1981/now
sa330 puma 1975/89
1971/nowEscuadron 803as332 super puma 1981/now
ab205 1966/91
1960/80escuela de helicopteros205 1970/80
ab47 1962/80

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By Date | By Serial

1994-oct Ejercito del Aireab205aHE.10A-6
1994-oct Ejercito del Aireab205aHE.10A-7
1994-oct Ejercito del AireAB47G-2HE.7-11
1994-oct Ejercito del AireAS332B Super PumaHD.21-9
1994-oct Ejercito del AireAS332M1 Super PumaHT.21A-2
1994-oct Ejercito del AireAS332M1 Super PumaHT.21A-4
1994-oct Ejercito del AireAS332M1 Super PumaHT.21A-1
1994-oct Ejercito del AireUH-1H IroquoisHE.10B-39
1997-apr homeportEjercito del AireAS332B Super PumaHD.21-6
1997-apr homebaseEjercito del AireAS332M1 Super PumaHT.21A-3
1997-apr homebaseEjercito del AireAS332M1 Super PumaHT.21A-1
1999-mar-31 AS332B Super PumaHD21-6
2002-nov-09 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-FTX
2002-nov-23 AS350B1 EcureuilEC-ELO
2002-dec-28 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IBO
2003-feb-15 EC120BEC-IHQ
2003-mar-01 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-FUH
2003-aug-23 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2003-sep-26 AS332B Super PumaHD21-3 / 803-03
2003-oct-11 CH-47C ChinookHT17-14 / ET-414
2003-oct-11 CH-47D ChinookHT17-08 / ET-408
2003-oct-11 CH-47D ChinookHT17-14 / ET-414
2003-oct-11 S-76CHE24-7 / 78-07
2003-oct-11 Tiger / TigreF-ZVLJ
2003-nov-19 UH-1H IroquoisHU10-27 / ET-207
2004-jan-05 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-FUH
2004-feb-03 206B-3 Jet RangerEC-EKO
2004-feb-06 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IKS
2004-mar-20 SA319B Alouette IIIHD16-1 / 803-01
2004-mar-20 UH-1H IroquoisHE10B-39 / 78-52
2004-may-08 AS332B Super PumaHT21-13 / ET-511
2004-may-08 bo105HU15-68 / 09-127
2004-jun-08 206L Long RangerEC-EES
2004-jun-24 AS332B Super PumaHD21-3 / 803-3
2004-jun-25 AS350B3 EcureuilEC-IRT
2004-jul-05 EC120BEC-HZZ
2004-aug-07 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2004-aug-22 EC155BLX-HEC
2004-aug-23 BK117A-3HU22-08 / 09-233
2004-sep-20 EC120BEC-HZX
2004-oct-16 AS350B2 EcureuilEC-FQH
2004-dec-07 AS332B Super PumaHD21-6
2004-dec-18 BK117A-3HU22-06 / 09-231
2005-jan-19 206L Long RangerEC-EES
2005-jan-26 AS350B1 EcureuilEC-ELO
2005-feb-02 206B-3 Jet RangerEC-EKO
2005-feb-04 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2005-feb-05 AS532UL CougarHT27-02 / 402-25
2005-feb-06 AS532UL CougarHU.21L-59
2005-feb-06 bo105HU15-29 / 09-122
2005-feb-12 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IXI
2005-feb-13 EC120BEC-HZZ
2005-feb-19 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-FUH
2005-mar-06 AS332B Super PumaHD.21-11
2005-mar-06 BK117B-3HU22-04 / 09-204
2005-mar-19 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IBO
2005-apr-09 EC120BEC-IUZ
2005-apr-23 AS350B2 EcureuilEC-FQH
2005-apr-23 AS350B2 EcureuilEC-FIB
2005-apr-30 AS332B Super PumaHD21-9 / 803-09
2005-aug-12 UH-1H IroquoisHE10B-39 / 78-52
2005-oct-02 AS532UL CougarHT27-02 / 402-25
2005-oct-08 SA365N Dauphin 2F-GNVS
2005-oct-09 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-FTX
2005-dec-05 AS332B Super PumaHT21-20 / ET-518
2006-mar-04 UH-1H IroquoisHE10B-39 / 78-52
2006-jul-02 206L Long RangerEC-EES
2006-sep-02 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2007-jan-20 AS350B2 EcureuilEC-FIB
2007-feb-04 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2007-jul-13 bo105cb-2EC-DXI
2007-jul-13 EC135P2EC-KCM
2007-sep-02 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-JMK
2007-oct-01 AB212 ASWHA18-7 / 01-311
2007-oct-01 AS332B Super PumaHD21-2 / 803-2
2007-oct-01 AS332M1 Super PumaHT21A-4 / 402-23
2007-oct-01 AS532UL CougarHT27-01 / 402-24
2007-oct-01 AS532UL CougarHT27-02 / 402-25
2007-oct-01 bo105HA15-44 / ET-313
2007-oct-01 bo105HA15-53 / ET-322
2007-oct-01 bo105HA15-55 / ET-324
2007-oct-01 EC135T2HE26-03 / ET-181
2007-oct-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-02 / 01-1002
2007-oct-01 S-76CHE24-4 / 78-04
2007-oct-01 Tiger HAPHA28-01 / ET-701
2007-dec-01 ab212HU18-18 / ET-279
2008-may-04 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-FUH
2008-oct-01 CH-47C ChinookHT17-16 / ET-416
2008-oct-01 EC120BEC-HHT
2008-oct-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-10
2008-oct-01 S-76CHE24-6 / 78-06
2008-oct-11 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-01 / 01-1001
2008-oct-11 S-76CHE24-3 / 78-03
2009-jan-05 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IKS
2009-feb-21 EC135P2EC-KCM
2009-mar-19 SA341C Gazelle HT.2G-LEDR
2009-mar-20 EC120BEC-HZX
2009-apr-05 IntercoptersEC135P2EC-KKF
2009-may-05 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2009-may-24 AS332B Super PumaHD21-2 / 803-2
2009-oct-11 AS332B Super PumaHT21-17 / ET-515
2009-oct-11 CH-47D ChinookHT17-05 / ET-405
2009-oct-11 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-08
2009-oct-11 Tiger HAPHA28-05 / ET-705
2010-feb-02 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2010-apr-01 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-FTX
2010-apr-04 Cuerpo Nacional de PoliciaEC135P2EC-KAP
2010-aug-14 SA318C Alouette IIEC-CLV
2010-sep-15 EC135T2+EC-LDF
2010-oct Ejercito del AireAS532UL CougarHT.27-01
2010-oct-11 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de TierraAS332B Super PumaHU.21-17
2010-oct-11 AS332M1 Super PumaHT21A-2 / 402-21
2010-oct-11 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de TierraCH-47D ChinookHT.17-19
2010-oct-11 Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaS-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-03
2010-oct-11 Ejercito del AireS-76CHE.24-1
2010-oct-11 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de TierraTiger HAPHA.28-05
2011-mar-26 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2011-aug-09 UH-1H IroquoisHE10B-39 / 78-52
2011-sep-04 EC155B1EC-KPU
2011-oct-11 Ejercito del AireAS332M1 Super PumaHT.21A-3
2011-oct-11 Ejercito del AireAS332M1 Super PumaHT.21A-1
2011-oct-11 Ejercito del AireAS532UL CougarHT.27-02
2011-oct-11 EC155B1EC-KPU
2011-oct-11 Cuerpo Nacional de PoliciaEC225LPEC-LEN
2011-oct-11 Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaS-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-02
2011-oct-11 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-02 / 01-1002
2011-oct-11 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-05 / 01-1005
2011-oct-11 Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaS-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-05
2011-oct-11 S-76CHE24-3 / 78-03
2011-oct-11 Ejercito del AireS-76CHE.24-6
2012-feb-02 SA319B Alouette IIIEC-CBY
2012-oct-13 Cuerpo Nacional de PoliciaEC120BEC-HZX
2013-may-25 AS332B Super PumaHD21-2 / 803-2
2013-jul-30 Helimar HelicopterosUH-1B IroquoisEC-EVS
2013-jul-30 Helimar HelicopterosUH-1D IroquoisEC-GJB
2013-jul-30 Helimar HelicopterosUH-1D IroquoisEC-GLR
2013-jul-30 Helimar HelicopterosUH-1D IroquoisEC-GJA
2013-oct-06 AS350B3 EcureuilEC-KTY
2013-oct-06 EC120BEC-HYR
2017-sep-30 Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaAB212 ASWHA.18-7
2017-sep-30 AB212 ASWHA.18-7 / 01-311

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