italy Varese Venegono Airport

Varese, Lombardia

12.6312LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia
14.8134 Saronno,
14.9258LILG Vergiate, Lombardia
16.4 60LILY Como Seaplane, Lombardia
16.5222 Cascina Costa Agusta, Lombardia
17.7226LIMC Milano Malpensa, Lombardia

45 44 26 secs N - 8 53 13 secs E
5.4 NM SE Varese
Elevation: 1050 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1988/    Sezione Aerea Venegono SuperioreNH500 2004/   
ab412 2004/   


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By Date | By Serial

2004 Guardia di Finanzaab412hpMM81505
2004 Guardia di Finanzaab412hpMM81506
2007-dec-28 AW109E PowerI-DVFC / VF-82
2009-feb-18 AW139I-EASH
2009-feb-27 EC145I-EITH
2009-mar-09 AW109E PowerI-DVFC / VF-82
2009-mar-11 ab139I-AWIT
2009-apr-06 ab139N140EV
2009-apr-11 ab139N139EV
2009-aug-24 ab139I-EPIC
2009-aug-24 ab139I-AWIT
2009-sep-02 AW609N609AG
2010-oct-07 AW139MM81748 / 11-03
2011-may-13 A109e PowerI-FZIT
2011-may-14 ab412hpMM81506 / GdiF-218
2011-may-14 AW139I-EASH,PH-PXY
2011-may-30 ab139I-AWIT
2012-sep-06 ab139I-ROCS
2013-oct-07 AgustaWestland ItalyAW109SP GrandNewI-AWTC
2013-oct-31 ICH-47F ChinookCSX81778
2014-jan-09 AW149I-RAII
2014-apr-24 A109a-III-ANIA
2014-apr-24 AW189I-RAID
2014-may-15 ICH-47F ChinookCSX81778
2014-jul-03 AW189I-EASO
2014-aug-08 AW139I-AWTJ
2014-oct-29 AW139I-EASS
2015-jan-07 AW189I-PTFF
2015-mar-03 AW609N609AG
2015-may-11 AW109E PowerI-PTFP
2015-jun-15 AW189I-LCIH
2015-aug-26 AW109SP GrandNewI-PTFP
2015-dec-18 AW169I-RAIS
2017-sep-11 AgustaWestland ItalyAW139CSX81926

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