italy Giovan-Battista Pastine International Airport

Rome, Lazio

8.6340LIRC Centocelle, Lazio
18.7335LIRU Urbe, Lazio
20.2218LIRE Pratica di Mare, Lazio
24.7 27LIRG Rome Guidonia, Lazio
29.7270LIRF Rome Fiumicino, Lazio
38.6137LIRL Latina, Lazio

41° 47' 57.84'' N - 12° 35' 49.92'' E

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1984/97615 Squadriglia Collegamentiab212
1965/9785 centro c/sarAS-61 1977/14
1965/9915° Stormo c/sarNH500 1987/   
ab212 1986/   
AS-61 1977/14
ab204 1965/84
1963/    Nucleo Elicotteri Roma (CNVF)AW109 2003/13
93 GruppoAW139M 2012/   

News about this location

Italian Red Cross Flight Nurse Course on HH-139A, 25-May-17 : Italian air force held the second course of flight nurses for 25 volunteers of the Italian Red Cross


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By Date | By Serial

2004-aug-23 AW109E PowerI-FREJ
2005-may-06 AS-61MM80972
2005-jul-05 AW109E PowerI-FREH
2005-jul-05 s-92N908W
2005-dec-13 ab412I-VFOB / VF-50
2006-feb-18 AW109E PowerI-FREH
2006-nov-13 ab412I-VFOG / VF-55
2007-may-30 NH500MMM80849 / GdiF-50
2008-apr-30 AS-61MM80972
2008-nov-09 ab412spMM81382 / 9-01
2009-nov-08 ab412spMM81384 / 9-03
2009-nov-08 NH90 TTHMM81521 / EI-204
2010-mar-01 AS-61MM80972
2010-may-16 ab212PS-102
2010-nov-10 NH90 TTHMM81522 / EI-205
2011-oct-27 NH90 TTHMM81520 / EI-203
2011-nov-04 AB212 ICOMM81157
2011-nov-06 ab412hpMM81476 / 9-08
2011-nov-09 EH101 Mk.410MM81493 / 2-14
2012-feb-04 AS-61RMM81349
2012-sep-01 AW139MMM81807
2012-sep-10 AW139MMM81806
2013-jun-07 AW139MM81812
2017-dec AS-61MM80972

Latest News

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