czech republic Pardubice

czech republic

9.1160LKCR Chrudim, Chrudim
26.8252LKCV Caslav, Caslav
27.7 15LKHK Hradec Kralove, Hradec Králové
40.4268LKKO Kolin, Kolin
48.2196LKHB Havlickuv Brod, Havlickuv Brod
49.3 94LKUO Usti nad Orlici, Usti Nad Orlici

50° 0' 48.60'' N - 15° 44' 18.96'' E

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1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0825
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRmi-24d0216
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRmi-24d0219
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRmi-24d4010
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0836
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0838
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0815
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0837
1993-may-23 family dayVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0928
2004-jun-06 Mi-2 Hoplite0713
2005-jun-05 Mi-24V Hind0815
2006-jun-03 Mi-2 Hoplite0713
2006-jun-03 Mi-24V Hind0981
2006-oct-16 Mi-2 Hoplite9427
2007-may-03 Mi-17 Hip-H0836
2007-jun-02 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2007-jun-03 Mi-35 Hind3371
2008-feb-20 Mi-2 Hoplite0713
2008-jun-01 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2008-jun-01 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2008-aug-04 Mi-2 Hoplite9427
2008-oct-08 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2008-oct-21 Mi-17 Hip-H0828
2008-oct-21 W-3A0709
2009-apr-16 Mi-17 Hip-H0836
2009-jun-07 Mi-17 Hip-H0828
2009-jun-07 Mi-24V Hind0981
2009-jul-07 Mi-24V Hind7360
2009-sep-01 Mi-2 Hoplite0713
2010-jun-04 Mi-24V Hind7353
2010-jun-05 W-3A0717
2010-jun-06 Mi-17 Hip-H0836
2010-jun-06 Mi-2 Hoplite9427
2010-jun-06 W-3A0711
2010-jun-07 Mi-171Sh9868
2010-sep-03 Mi-171Sh9926
2010-sep-30 Mi-2 Hoplite9428
2011-jun-04 bo105cbs-4OK-BBB
2011-jun-04 Mi-171Sh9892
2011-jun-04 Mi-2 Hoplite9427
2011-jun-04 W-3A0715
2011-jun-05 Mi-35 Hind3361
2011-jun-05 W-3A0719
2012-jun-02 Mi-2 Hoplite9428
2014-feb-27 Mi-17 Hip-H0828
2014-may-30 Mi-171Sh9774
2015-jun-05 Mi-35 Hind3370 / EV953 / PP-K

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