portugal Evora

Évora, Alentejo

50.2184LPBJ Beja, Alentejo
55.6337LPMO Ponte de Sor, Ponte de Sor
101.2 66LEBZ Badajoz - Talavera la Real, Extremadura
101.2281LPMT Montijo, Lisboa et Setubal
102.1196 Ourique,
106.0291LPAR Alverca,

38° 32' 0.24'' N - 7° 53' 36.02'' W

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17-jun-1730-aug-17Portugal Wildfires 2017


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By Date | By Serial

2003-sep-11 Super Lynx mk9519205
2003-sep-12 R22 BetaCS-HCR
2003-sep-12 R44 AstroCS-HDB
2003-sep-12 Super Lynx mk9519203
2005-sep-16 EC120BHE25-3 / 78-22
2005-sep-16 EC120BHE25-7 / 78-26
2005-sep-16 EC120BCS-HEX
2005-sep-16 EH101 Mk.51419601
2005-sep-17 EC120BHE25-6 / 78-25
2005-sep-17 EC120BHE25-9 / 78-28
2005-sep-17 SA316B Alouette III19368
2005-sep-18 EC120BHE25-5 / 78-24
2005-sep-18 EC120BHE25-10 / 78-29
2005-sep-18 SA316B Alouette III19401
2007-sep-01 Super Lynx mk9519203
2007-sep-14 EC120BHE25-11 / 78-30
2007-sep-14 EH101 Mk.51619611
2007-sep-14 Lynx HAS3S19201
2007-sep-14 R44 Raven IICS-HGF
2007-sep-15 EC120BHE25-10 / 78-29
2009-sep-18 Super Lynx mk9519203
2009-sep-19 R44 Raven IICS-HFU
2010-apr-25 R22 Beta IICS-HGY
2011-feb-11 Super Lynx mk9519203
2012-aug-18 205A-1D-HOOK
2017-jul EverjetsAS350B EcureuilD-HAUA

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