portugal Funchal Madeira

Funchal, Madeira

57.6 43LPPS Porto Santo, Madeira

32° 41' 52.08'' N - 16° 46' 27.84'' W

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By Date | By Serial

2003-dec-22 SA330C Puma19505
2004-may-21 S-61NEC-FJJ
2004-sep-01 SA330C Puma19512
2004-nov-10 SA330C Puma19505 / 19505
2005-jan-04 SA330C Puma19505 / 19505
2005-jan-10 SA330C Puma19505 / 19505
2005-apr-23 AS332C Super PumaD-HLOG
2005-jun-09 SA330C Puma19504
2005-sep-14 SA330C Puma19509
2006-jun-10 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-16 / 01-516
2006-aug-08 EH101 Mk.51619610
2006-sep-28 EH101 Mk.51419601
2007-may-18 EH101 Mk.51619609
2007-may-25 MH-60S Seahawk166322
2007-jun-22 AB212 ASWHA18-8 / 01-312
2008-jan-05 EH101 Mk.51619612
2008-jun-08 EH101 Mk.51419603
2008-jul-08 EH101 Mk.51619611
2008-jul-28 EH101 Mk.51619609
2009-jan-10 EH101 Mk.51619610
2009-may-26 Super Lynx mk9519203
2009-aug-02 AS350B EcureuilD-HFEM
2009-oct-01 EH101 Mk.51419606
2009-oct-15 EH101 Mk.51619611
2009-dec-05 R44 ClipperCS-HEU
2009-dec-28 EH101 Mk.51619609
2009-dec-29 EH101 Mk.51419605
2010-jan-05 EH101 Mk.51619609
2010-feb-21 EH101 Mk.51419606
2010-may-26 EH101 Mk.51619612
2010-jun-26 SA316B Alouette III19376
2010-jun-27 SA316B Alouette III19401
2010-oct-18 EH101 Mk.51419601
2011-feb-01 EH101 Mk.51419605
2011-oct-14 EH101 Mk.51619612

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