brazil Base de Aviação de Taubaté

Taubaté, São Paulo

41.2239SBSJ Sao Jose dos Campos, São Paulo
67.9 3 Itajubá, Minas Gerais
68.3 3SNHH Itajuba Helibras Heliport, Minas Gerais
104.7273SDBP Estadual Arthur Siqueira, São Paulo
106.7245SBGR Guarulhos Intl, São Paulo
114.5271SDVH Condominio Vale Eldorado, São Paulo

1989 to present

23 2 24 secs S - 45 30 58 secs W
Taubate, Sao Paulo
Elevation: 1908 feet

BAvT was created on November 1989 and became active on February 10, 1994. It is an area of 264 hectares also housing the Army Aviation headquarters (Cmdo Av Ex), training center (CIAvEx) and maintenance facilities (B Mnt Sup Av Ex)

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1993/now2º Batalhão de Aviação do ExércitoAS532UE Cougar 2002/now
HB350B Esquilo 1993/now
HB350BA Esquilo 1993/now
AS565AA Panther 1993/now
1986/now1º Batalhão de Aviação do ExércitoAS532UE Cougar 2011/now
EC725 Caracal 2010/now
HB350BA Esquilo 1992/now
AS565AA Panther 1989/now
HB350B Esquilo 1988/now

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By Date | By Serial

2005-sep-03 AS565AA PantherEB2006
2005-sep-03 AS565AA PantherEB2020
2007-jul-01 AS565AA PantherEB2004
2007-jul-01 HB350BA EsquiloEB1026
2007-jul-01 Super Lynx mk21aN-4006
2007-aug-01 AS532UE CougarEB4002
2007-aug-01 AS565AA PantherEB2016
2007-aug-01 AS565AA PantherEB2021
2007-aug-01 HB350BA EsquiloEB1017
2007-aug-01 HB350BA EsquiloEB1018
2008-jun-26 AS565AA PantherEB2005
2008-jun-28 AS532UE CougarEB4006
2008-jun-28 AS565AA PantherEB2009
2009-nov-04 AS565AA PantherEB2034
2009-nov-22 HB350BA EsquiloEB1031
2013-jun-10 EC725 CaracalEB5002
2014-sep-01 EC725 CaracalEB5004

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