West Mediterranean


110.2 45LEAM Almeria, Andalusia
114.6342LEGA Granada - Armilla, Andalusia
121.5301 Malaga Port, Andalusia
124.7338LEGR Granada, Andalusia
126.1297LEMG Malaga, Andalusia
187.1261GECT Ceuta Heliport, Ceuta

36 9 N - 3 15 W

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News about this location :

Camcopter S-100 Qualification Flights on Dixmude, 21-Jun-17 : Schiebel’s Camcopter S-100 drone successfully completed qualification flights for the French Navy aboard Mistal class assault carrier Dixmude in the Western Mediterranean



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By Date | By Serial

1967-jan-23 AccidentUK Royal NavyImproved Centaur classR12 HMS Hermes
1967-jan-23 AccidentUK Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XS883
1991-oct-07 UK Royal NavyInvincible classR05 HMS Invincible
2013-oct CA Canadian Armed ForcesCH-124 Sea King12412
2015-oct ES Spanish NavyCantabria classA-15 Cantabria
2015-oct FR French NavyDurance classA631 Somme
2015-oct CA Canadian Armed ForcesIroquois TRUMP classDDG 282 HMCS Athabaskan
2015-oct ES Spanish NavyF100 Alvaro de BazanF-101 Alvaro de Bazan
2015-oct ES Spanish NavyF100 Alvaro de BazanF-103 Blas de Lezo
2015-oct ES Spanish NavySanta Maria classF-83 Numancia
2015-oct DE German Navy F 124 Sachsen classF219 Sachsen
2015-oct DE German Navy F 124 Sachsen classF220 Hamburg
2015-oct TR Turkish NavyYavuz classF240 TCG Yavuz
2015-oct TR Turkish NavyYavuz classF243 TCG Yıldırım
2015-oct TR Turkish NavyBarbaros classF246 TCG Salihreis
2015-oct PT Portuguese NavyVasco da Gama classF330 NRP Vasco da Gama
2015-oct PT Portuguese NavyKarel Doorman classF334 NRP Francisco de Almeida
2015-oct DK Royal Danish Navy Iver Huitfeldt classF362 KDM Peter Willemoes
2015-oct TR Turkish NavyG classF495 TCG Gediz
2015-oct NL Royal Netherlands NavyDe Zeven Provinciën classF803 Hr.Ms. Tromp
2015-oct CA Canadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 330 HMCS Halifax
2015-oct CA Canadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 338 HMCS Winnipeg
2015-oct ES Spanish NavyGalicia ClassL-52 Castilla
2015-oct ES Spanish NavyBuque de Proyeccion EstrategicaL-61 Juan Carlos I
2015-oct NL Royal Netherlands NavyImproved Rotterdam classL801 Hr. Ms. Johan de Witt
2015-oct US United States Naval AviationBlue Ridge classLCC-20 USS Mount Whitney
2015-oct US United States Naval AviationSan Antonio classLPD-24 USS Arlington
2016-oct DE MarinefliegerSuper Lynx mk88a83+04

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