usa Newport News Shipbuilding

Newport News, Virginia

7.2 8071VA Sentara Hampton General Hospital Heliport, Virginia
10.9 97 Hampton Roads, Virginia
11.5 31 Langley Research Center, Virginia
12.0 40KLFI Langley AFB, Virginia
12.3119 NS Norfolk, Virginia
15.1344KPHF Williamsburg Intl, Virginia

37 0 2.52 secs N - 76 26 53.52 secs W

In 2001 after fusion with Northrop Grumman renamed Northrop Grumman Newport News

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Ships built

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-Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Ford class
1938Cruiser Brooklyn class
1942Aircraft Carrier Essex (short hull) class
1944Aircraft Carrier Essex (long hull) class
1945Aircraft Carrier Midway class
1955Aircraft Carrier Forrestal class
1961Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Enterprise class
1965Aircraft Carrier America (1965) class
1971Command ship Blue Ridge class
1974Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) California class
1975Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Nimitz class
1976Guided-Missile Cruiser (Nuclear Powered) Virginia class
1986Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Improved Nimitz class

?US CVN-78 USS Gerald R Ford Ford class
?US CVN-79 USS John F Kennedy Ford class
1938US CL-47 USS Boise Brooklyn class
1942-julUS CV-9 USS Essex Essex (short hull) class
1944-jun-28 CV-15 USS Randolph Essex (long hull) class
1945-mar-20US CVA-41 USS Midway Midway class
1946-apr-2US CVB-43 USS Coral Sea Midway class
1954-dec-11US CV-59 USS Forrestal Forrestal class
1956-sep-29US CVA-61 USS Ranger Forrestal class
1960-sep-24US CVN-65 USS Enterprise Enterprise class
1964-feb-1US CV-66 USS America America (1965) class
1971US LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney Blue Ridge class
1971-sep-22US CGN-36 USS California California class
1972-may-15US CVN-68 USS Nimitz Nimitz class
1972-jul-1US CGN-37 USS South Carolina California class
1974-dec-14US CGN-38 USS Virginia Virginia class
1975-aug-9US CGN-39 USS Texas Virginia class
1975-oct-11US CVN-69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Nimitz class
1976-jul-31US CGN-40 USS Mississippi Virginia class
1978-oct-21US CGN-41 USS Arkansas Virginia class
1980-mar-15US CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson Nimitz class
1984-oct-27US CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt Improved Nimitz class
1988-feb-13US CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln Improved Nimitz class
1990-jul-21US CVN-73 USS George Washington Improved Nimitz class
1993-nov-13US CVN-74 USS John C Stennis Improved Nimitz class
1996-sep-7US CVN-75 USS Harry S. Truman Improved Nimitz class
2001-mar-4US CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan Improved Nimitz class
2006-oct-7US CVN-77 USS George H. W. Bush Improved Nimitz class


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2009-nov-13 Keel layingUnited States Naval AviationFord classCVN-78 USS Gerald R Ford
2015-aug-22 Keel layingUnited States Naval AviationFord classCVN-79 USS John F Kennedy
2017 Nuclear re-fuellingUnited States Naval AviationImproved Nimitz classCVN-73 USS George Washington

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