australia Williamstown (Tenix / BAE)

Melbourne, Victoria

2.3 20 Port of Melbourne, Victoria
5.7 36YYBK Yarra River Heliport, Victoria
14.5271YLVT Laverton, Victoria
15.3357YMEN Essendon, Victoria
15.8242YMPC Point Cook, Victoria
20.8127YMMB Moorabbin, Victoria

37 51 52 secs S - 144 54 46 secs E
3nm SW of Melbourne

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Ships built

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1992Guided-Missile Frigate Adelaide class
1996Frigate Anzac class
2010Corvettenew zealand Protector OPV class
2014Assault Carrier Canberra class

1989-may-5AU FFG 05 HMAS Melbourne Adelaide class
1992-feb-21AU FFG 06 HMAS Newcastle Adelaide class
1994-sep-16AU FFH 150 HMAS Anzac Anzac class
1995-jul-22NZ F77 HMNZS Te Kaha Anzac class
1996-jun-28AU FFH 151 HMAS Arunta Anzac class
1997-may-10NZ F111 HMNZS Te Mana Anzac class
1998-may-23AU FFH 152 HMAS Warramunga Anzac class
1999-apr-17AU FFH 153 HMAS Stuart Anzac class
2000-jun-17AU FFH 154 HMAS Parramatta Anzac class
2002-may-25AU FFH 155 HMAS Ballarat Anzac class
2003-may-16AU FFH 156 HMAS Toowoomba Anzac class
2004-mar-20AU FFH 157 HMAS Perth Anzac class
2006-nov-18NZ P148 HMNZS Otago Protector OPV class
2007-oct-27NZ P55 HMNZS Wellington Protector OPV class
2011-feb-17AU LHD 02 HMAS Canberra Canberra class
2012-jul-4AU LHD 01 HMAS Adelaide Canberra class


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1946-mar UK Royal NavyColossus classR51 HMS Perseus
2014-mar-03 2014 Royal Australian NavyCanberra classLHD 02 HMAS Canberra

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