japan USC (Hitachi Zosen)

Maizuru, Honshu

0.7343RJBM Maizuru Naval Air Base, Honshu
91.8191 Kawasaki Kobe, Honshu
94.0191 Mitsubishi Kobe, Honshu
95.7188RJBE Kobe, Hyogo
100.6168RJOY Yao, Honshu
109.9273RJOR Tottori airfield, Tottori

1903 to present

35 29 2 secs N - 135 22 45 secs E
1nm NW of Maizuru City, Kyoto

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1960Destroyer Ayanami class
1964Frigate Isuzu class
1967Destroyer Yamagumo class
1970Destroyer Minegumo class
1973Frigate Chikugo class
1980Coast Guards Soya class
1982Destroyer Hatsuyuki class
1984Frigate Yubari class
1990Frigate Abukuma class
1990Destroyer Asagiri class
1993Coast Guards Kojima class
1995Support Ship Kashima class
2003Landing Ship/Platform Dock Osumi class

1960-apr-25JP DDK 112 JDS Makinami Ayanami class
1963-jun-15JP DE 214 JDS Ohi Isuzu class
1966-nov-25JP DDK 115 JDS Asagumo Yamagumo class
1969-nov-15JP DD 118 JDS Murakumo Minegumo class
1973-jan-25JP DE 220 JDS Chitose Chikugo class
1974-may-29JP DE 222 JDS Teshio Chikugo class
1975-feb-24JP DE 224 JDS Kumano Chikugo class
1980JP PLH 04 JCGS Hayato Soya class
1981-aug-4JP DD 123 JDS Shirayuki Hatsuyuki class
1983-jan-25JP DE 228 JDS Yubetsu Yubari class
1984-jul-10JP DD 129 JDS Yamayuki Hatsuyuki class
1988-jun-4JP DD 155 JDS Hamagiri Asagiri class
1989-jan-31JP DE 230 JDS Jintsu Abukuma class
1992-jan-25JP DE 233 JDS Chikuma Abukuma class
1992-sep-10JP PL 21 JCGS Kojima Kojima class
1994-feb-23JP TV 3508 JDS Kashima Kashima class
2001-dec-13JP LST 4003 JDS Kunisaki Osumi class

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