Hughes 269



From Organisation with model 269A
brazil Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil
    16 1964/85

Construction Numbers on database of 269A


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114-0015 1964 BR N-5005 : Marinha IH-2A type
BR PT-HGP : Aeroclube Escola De Pilotagem De Maricá, RJ; w/o 11jan+
114-0017 BR N-5011 : Marinha IH-2A type
114-0018 BR N-5012 : Marinha IH-2A type; w/o 23oct69
15-0020 BR N-5006 : Marinha IH-2A type
15-0028 BR N-5007 : Marinha IH-2A type
121-0033 US N575PF : Brown Helicopter Services Inc at Flint, TX Feb97-Mar00;+
125-0035 BR N-5013 : Marinha IH-2A type
BR PT-HGR : Escola Superior de Aviacao SC Ltda, Jul85
125-0036 BR N-5014 : Marinha IH-2A type
BR PT-HGS : private Jul77
125-0037 BR N-5015 : Marinha IH-2A type
125-0038 BR N-5016 : Marinha IH-2A type
125-0039 BR N-5017 : Marinha IH-2A type; w/o 23oct69
125-0040 BR N-5018 : Marinha IH-2A type
BR PT-HGU : FlyOne Servicio Aereo, Jul08
125-0042 BR N-5020 : Marinha IH-2A type
BR PT-HHA : Escola Pilotagem Helimar, Jan92
33-0181 BR N-5008 : Marinha IH-2A type
33-0182 BR N-5009 : Marinha IH-2A type
BR PT-HGY : Escola Pilotagem Helimar, Nov82
33-0183 BR N-5010 : Marinha IH-2A type
BR PT-HGZ : private May81
76-0603 US 66-18320 : th-55a USArmy; original BuNo 66-9083; to civ N10224
US N10224 : Florida Rotorcraft 1999; to LV-ZTL
AR LV-ZTL : Helifly SRL d/d Jun00; Hughes 269A; Dec.2011 pictured a+
125-0041 BR N-5019 : Marinha IH-2A type
22-0049 SE 05215 : Type HKP-5A. 05215 / 95; Preserved Flygvapenmuseum Link+
05215 / 95 Preserved Svedino Museum, Ugglarp by 2012
19 C/N.

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