westland WAH-64 Longbow Apache

Derived from boeing AH-64D Apache


WAH-64 Longbow Apache
Steve Mills

News about this Model:

  • 14-Apr-14 - UK Apaches reaches 50,000 hs in Afghanistan     ( Army Air Corps )

    Model Specifications:

    Engine: 2 x RR RTM322 2200shp
    Capacity: 2
    Length: (m) 17.8
    Height: (m) 4.95
    Blades: 4
    Rotor diam.: (m) 14.6
    Disc area: (m2) 168.11
    Weight: (kgs) Empty: 5165     Max: 7746
    Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 272     Max: 293
    Range: (km) 462
    Ceiling: (m) 3505
    Rate/Climb: (m/min) 762

    Organisations with this Model:

    From Organisation with model WAH-64 Longbow Apache

    united kingdom Army Air Corps
        67 2001/now

    Construction Numbers on database of WAH-64 Longbow Apache or its versions


    Construction Numbers of this Model: Help Us    

    C/NBuilt asYearHistory
        wah1 Army Air Corps ZJ166 : AAC; 02jul11 pictured with 673Sqn at RAF Waddington. No+
        wah2 Army Air Corps ZJ167 : AAC; 2007 662Sqn.
        wah3 Army Air Corps ZJ168 :
        wah4 Army Air Corps ZJ169 :
        wah5 Army Air Corps ZJ170 : AAC DU005/WAH5; 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
        wah6 Army Air Corps ZJ171 :
        wah7 Army Air Corps ZJ172 : AAC DU007/WAH7 in 2006 664Sqn./4Reg.
    18may12 pictured at Norwich, air ambulance G-CGXK and o+
        wah8 Army Air Corps ZJ173 : AAC DU008/WAH8; 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
        wah9 Army Air Corps ZJ174 :
        wah10 2000 mcdonnell douglas N3218V : McDonnell Douglas, canc Dec05, to ZJ175
    Army Air Corps ZJ175 : AAC Apache AH.1; 06apr00 to Westland; Jul00 d/d AAC Mi+
        wah11 Army Air Corps ZJ176 :
        wah12 Army Air Corps ZJ177 :
        wah13 Army Air Corps ZJ178 :
        wah14 2001 Army Air Corps ZJ179 :
    deployed with 3 other 656 Squadron airframes to HMS Oce+
        wah15 Army Air Corps ZJ180 :
        wah16 Army Air Corps ZJ181 : AAC; 09feb11 pictured at Norwich
        wah17 Army Air Corps ZJ182 : AAC; 2007 3Reg.
        wah18 Army Air Corps ZJ183 : AAC DU018/WAH18 in 2006 664Sqn./4Reg.
        wah19 Army Air Corps ZJ184 : AAC DU019/WAH19; 2007 3Reg.
        wah20 Army Air Corps ZJ185 : AAC Apache AH.1
    18may12 pictured (top) at Norwich
    01sep13 pictured (bot) at Netheravon
        wah21 Army Air Corps ZJ186 : AAC
    25jun12 seen flying west over Clacton
        wah22 Army Air Corps ZJ187 :
        wah23 2001 Army Air Corps ZJ188 : Aug07 held at Westland Yeovil Base
    deployed with 3 other 656 Squadron airframes to HMS Oce+
        wah24 Army Air Corps ZJ189 :
        wah25 Army Air Corps ZJ190 :
        wah26 Army Air Corps ZJ191 :
        wah27 Army Air Corps ZJ192 :
        wah28 Army Air Corps ZJ193 :
        wah29 Army Air Corps ZJ194 :
        wah30 Army Air Corps ZJ195 :
        wah31 Army Air Corps ZJ196 :
        wah32 Army Air Corps ZJ197 : AAC Apache AH.1
    01sep13 pictured at Netheravon
        wah33 Army Air Corps ZJ198 :
        wah34 Army Air Corps ZJ199 : AAC DU034/WAH34; 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
        wah35 Army Air Corps ZJ200 :
        wah36 Army Air Corps ZJ202 :
        wah37 Army Air Corps ZJ203 :
        wah38 Army Air Corps ZJ204 :
        wah39 Army Air Corps ZJ205 :
        wah40 Army Air Corps ZJ206 :
        wah41 2003 Army Air Corps ZJ207 : AAC DU041/WAH41; 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
    deployed with 3 other 656 Squadron airframes to HMS Oce+
        wah42 Army Air Corps ZJ208 : AAC; 2007 3Reg.
        wah43 Army Air Corps ZJ209 : AAC; 2007 3Reg.
        wah44 Army Air Corps ZJ210 :
        wah45 Army Air Corps ZJ211 : AAC DU045/WAH45 in 2004 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
    01jun12 pictured at RAF Odiham Families Day. Chinook ZA+
        wah46 Army Air Corps ZJ212 :
        wah47 Army Air Corps ZJ213 :
        wah48 Army Air Corps ZJ214 : AAC DU048/WAH48; 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
        wah49 Army Air Corps ZJ215 :
        wah50 Army Air Corps ZJ216 : 27aug09 pictured on static display at RAF Benson Famili+
        wah51 Army Air Corps ZJ217 : AAC DU051/WAH51; 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
        wah52 Army Air Corps ZJ218 : AAC; 09feb11 pictured at Norwich
        wah53 Army Air Corps ZJ219 :
        wah54 Army Air Corps ZJ220 : AAC DU054/WAH54 in 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
        wah55 2002 Army Air Corps ZJ221 :
        wah56 Army Air Corps ZJ222 : AAC DU056/WAH56 in 2009 673(AHTU)Sqn.
    ZJ222/673sqd pictured at RNAS Yeovilton
        wah57 Army Air Corps ZJ223 : AAC DU057/WAH57; 2007 3Reg.
        wah58 Army Air Corps ZJ224 :
        wah59 Army Air Corps ZJ225 :
        wah60 Army Air Corps ZJ226 : AAC DU060/WAH60; 2007 3Reg.; 2008 673(AHTU)Sqn./2Reg.
    01sep13 pictured at Netheravon
        wah61 Army Air Corps ZJ227 :
        wah62 Army Air Corps ZJ228 :
        wah63 Army Air Corps ZJ229 : AAC
    05dec12 Suffolk (AIS)
        wah64 Army Air Corps ZJ230 :
        wah65 Army Air Corps ZJ231 : AAC; 23mar05 pictured at Dishforth
        wah66 Army Air Corps ZJ232 :
        wah67 2004 Army Air Corps ZJ233 :
    deployed with 3 other 656 Squadron airframes to HMS Oce+
        67 C/N found.

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