Kaman huskie


Derived from K-225



HTK-1 / TH-43 1949
HOK-1 / OH-43 1953
HUK-1 / UH-43 1954
H-43 Huskie 1956
K-1125 1962 Kaman Aircraft prototype civil transport helicopter using components of the Kaman K-600 (H-43) with a new fuselage for 12 passengers. First Fligh ...


From Organisation with model huskie
usa US Marine Corps
    H-43 Huskie 83 1953/??
usa US Air Force
    H-43 Huskie 1956/75
colombia Fuerza Aerea Colombiana
    H-43 Huskie 6 1961/68
morocco al-Quwwat al-Jaoiyah al-Malakiyah al-Maghribiyah
    5 1962/??
pakistan pakistan air force
    6 1963/??
iran niroye havaei
    25 1965/??
iran havanirooz
    7 1965/69
myanmar Tatmadaw Lei
    5 1965/??
Construction Numbers on database of huskie or its versions


Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuilt asYearHistory
139 h-43 US 62-4513 : USAF HH-43B; 1973 to AMARC/HG0056; Sep03 pictured prese+
140 h-43 US 62-4514 : Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn140, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B 62-+
US N90944 : xfer Moseley Aviation as N90944, unk
US N559D : xfer unknown as N559D, unk; Collided with a log pile an+
144 h-43 US 62-4518 : USAF; 24may74 pictured at RAF Woodbridge Community Day
157 h-43 US 62-4531 : Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn157, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B 62-+
158 h-43 US 62-4532 : USAF HH-43B; Aug92 pictured preserved at Travis AFB, Ca+
159 h-43 US 62-4533 : Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn159, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 62+
161 h-43 1963 US 62-4535 : Kaman K-600, HH-43F Huskie, cn161, ff:?; del USAF as HH+
62-4535 Midland Air Museum : Preserved Midland Air Museum, Coventry. Stored
172 h-43 US 62-4546 : Kaman K-600, HH-43F Huskie, cn172, ff:?; del USAF as HH+
185 h-43 US 62-4559 : Kaman K-600, HH-43F Huskie, cn185, ff:?; del USAF as HH+
218 h-43 US 64-17558 : Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn218, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B 64-+
US N87842 : To US civil registry as N87842, unk
HN HR-AKJ : xfer Honduras as HR-AKJ, unk
US N4069R : xfer Mosseley as N4069R, unk; xfer Terra Helicopters Mc+
37 h-43 1960 US 59-1556 : Kaman K-600-3, cn37, ff:1959; del USAF as H-43B, 59-155+
US N322WN : xfer Dept of Environmnent, State of Washington as N322W+
US N556D : rereg Horizon Helicopters, Inc, Ovando, MT as N556D, 10+
4-22 htk-1 1953 US 129313 : Kaman HTK-1 c/n 4-22, ff:24Apr53; del USN as HTK-1 1293+
US N6062C : to civil registry reg US as N6062C, unk.
US 129313 : purchased from civilian source, unk; in storage for fut+
- : preserved on display at USNAS Tillamook Air Museum Oreg+
47 h-43 US 59-1566 : Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn47, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 59-+
54 h-43 US 59-1573 : USAF H-43B
Det 13, 43 ARRS, 39 ARRW; w/o 02nov70 3.2nm E Perrin A+
64 h-43 1960 US 59-1583 : Kaman K-600, HH-43B Huskie, cn64, ff:?; del USAF as HH-+
US N100PL : To civil registry as N100PL, 09Jun77; Crashed near Phoe+
87 h-43 US 60-0263 : Kaman K-600 Huskie, cn87, ff:?; del USAF as HH-43B, 60-+
hok-1 US 129827 : spent some of its 1960 service life with VMO-2 as /VS-8+
US N5172Q : registered N5172Q in May 1970.
17 C/N.

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