List of Operators of Nederlandse Helikopter Industrie H-3 kolibrie

From Organisation with model H-3 kolibrie

Construction Numbers on database of H-3 kolibrie or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
1001 NL H.1 : NHI Prototype H.1; w/o 1954
2001 NL PH-NFT : NHI Prototype H.2 f/f 18nov54; 07dec55 to PH-NFT; 12ma+
3001 NL PH-NHI : NHI
NV Nederlandse Helicopter Ind; 03jul56 Rotterdam; 10mar+
3002 NL PH-NGS : NHI
3003 NL PH-NGT : NHI
NV Nederlandse Helicopter Ind; 18mar57 Rotterdam; 13jun+
3004 NL PH-ACA : NHI
3005 NL PH-ACB : NHI
Nederlandse Helicopter Ind. NV; 26feb58 Papendrecht; 10+
3006 NL PH-YMP : NHI
NV Nederlandse Helicopter Ind, PH-NGW Ntu; 26feb58 Rot+
3007 NL PH-NGV : NHI
3008 NL PH-ACC : NHI
3009 NL PH-ACD : NHI
UK G-APRZ : reg Feb59
IL 4X-BDB : 08aug62 reg; Jan73 wfu
3010 NL PH-NIT : NHI
IL 4X-BEE : 20may59 reg; 06feb72 canc
3011 NL PH-NIW : NHI
reg 25apr59, w/o 04jun59 Crash-landed and b/u
13 C/N.

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