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Model News

VNH Mi-172 to Indonesia for Firefighting Service, 27-Mar-17 : For second year, Vietnam’s VNH South providing 4 Mi-172 in wet lease contract to Indonesia for firefighting service

VNH South’s Carlifting Service, 02-Dec-16 : Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company (VNH South) Mi-172 cargo sling 3 Toyota pickup trucks for the British television automobile series Top Gear at the Vung Tau airport. Was filmed from VNH’s EC155B1

VNH South Mi-172 Helicopters in Indonesia, 01-Mar-16 : Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company (VNH South) signed two Mi-172 wet lease contract with Komala for passenger, cargo transport and firefighting in Indonesia

List of Operators of Mil Mi-172

From Organisation with model Mi-172
india Pawan Hans
    5 1996/   
vietnam Vietnam Helicopter Company

Construction Numbers on database of Mi-172


Construction Numbers

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356C02 RU RA-22992 : 2005 SpetsNeftegaz
356C03 1996 IN VT-ASM : Pawan Hans
356C06 1996 IN VT-PHF : Pawan Hans from Dec96; w/o 19apr11 Near Tawang Town, Ta+
356C07 1996 IN VT-PHG : Pawan Hans from Dec96
365C239 2012 IN VT-PWG : Pawan Hans from Sep12
365C240 2012 IN VT-PWH : Pawan Hans from Sep12
704C07 VN VN-8426 : VNH, to VT-MAH
IN VT-MAH : India; canc
VN VN-8420 : VNH
VN VN-8424 : VNH
VN VN-8425 : VNH
VN VN-8427 : VNH
VN VN-8428 : VNH
12 C/N.

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