List of Operators of Mil Mi-17-MD

From Organisation with model Mi-17-MD
colombia Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia
    Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 25 1997/   

Construction Numbers on database of Mi-17-MD


Construction Numbers

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170M11 CO EJC-3385 : Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-385; 2009 EJC-3385
170M12 CO EJC-3386 : Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-386; crash 18jul03 at Herrera+
170M13 CO EJC-3387 : Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-387
170M14 CO EJC-3388 : Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-388
170M15 CO EJC-389 : Ejercito d/d Aug02
170M16 CO EJC-3390 : Ejercito d/d Aug02 as EJC-390; crash 17apr05 at La Char+
6 C/N.

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