Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2


AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStar


The updated AS.355 is powered by two Turbomeca Arrius 1A1 engines and is equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system.

From January 2014 known as Airbus Helicopters AS355NP


From Organisation with model AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStar
chile Ejercito de Chile
    AS355 Ecureuil 2 2 2003/now
belarus Belarus Border Guard
    4 2008/14
switzerland Heli-Alps SA
    AS355 Ecureuil 2 1 2010/now
argentina Prefectura Naval Argentina
    2 2011/now
Construction Numbers on database of AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStar


Construction Numbers Help Us

5749 IT I-ERPI : Air Corporate, test serial F-WWXE
5750 2007 NO LN-OZG : European Helicopter Center AS at Sandefjord, Torp, Norw+
UK G-DCAM : Cameron Charters LLP from Aug10; 18jun13 pictured at As+
02may14 18hs filming Rochdale area
04may14 15hs flying above Tatton Park, Cheshire (53°19+
30may14 flying from Chester Racecourse
5751 2007 FR F-WWXU : Eurocopter 2007, to F-HOLF
FR F-HOLF : Fin Air Trade SAS Aug07-May09
FR F-HOLF : Sable Air ApS May09-Jan10
CH HB-ZOO : Heli-Alps Jan10-Feb15
CH HB-ZOO : Heli-Lausanne SA from Feb15; w/o 22may16 during sightse+
5752 ES EC-KJP : Inaer, test serial F-WWPO, to CC-AHT
CL CC-AHT : Inaer Chile; 24jun13 damaged after takeoff from María +
5753 CL H271 : Ejercito d/d dec07, test serial F-WWPC; 2008 damaged;+
27mar14 pictured at Santiago during FIDAE 2014. Co Manq+
5754 2007 UK G-RIDA : Eurocopter UK Dec07-Feb09, test serial F-WQDE
UK G-RIDA : National Grid from Feb09
Apr14 sliding door fitted to port side at Airbus Helico+
21may15 pictured at Tatenhill
27aug15 North Devon over Hiscott
24aug16 RG89SU over Lewendon Wood sub station
26oct16 Dunsfold Aerodrome
5757 ON SALE CA C-GXNP : Phoenix Heli-Flight Sep08, test serial F-WWXA
5761 2008 FR F-GKCZ : Fin Air Trade SAS at Paris from May08; to OM-GGA
SK OM-GGA : Slovakia
Apr/Jul 2014, sold Eurocopter AS355NP 2008, 1047 Hours+
UK G-NPTV : Arena Aviation Ltd at Hangar 7, Redhill aerodrome from +
5763 NZ ZK-ICT : Advanced Flight
5766 SG F-OKFJ : Eurocopter Singapore, to HS-PNG
TH HS-PNG : Heliluck 2012 for Channel 7 Bangkok TV Co, Thailand
5768 ES EC-KXU : DGT
5769 2008 FR F-GVDG : Alpha Investissements, Luxembourg from Jan09
AU VH-ZXX : Microflite from Jan13
5772 ES EC-LAR : DGT, test serial F-WEVS
5773 BY EW-308BH : Belarus Border Guard, to MCHS
EW-355EH : Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus (or 356)
5774 BY EW-309BH : Belarus Border Guard, to MCHS
EW-356EH : Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus, (or 355)
5775 ES EC-LGC : DGT, test serial F-WGYA,F-WEVP,EC-091
5776 ES EC-LGD : DGT, test serial F-WWXJ,F-WEVR,F-WWXB,EC-091
5778 2009 RE F-OINP : Corail Helicopteres at Reunion from Oct09, test serial +
5779 2010 CL ? : Eurocopter Chile, for PNA
AR PA-80 : PNA d/d Jan11 from Eurocopter Chile
17aug12 pictured at Iguazu, Misiones province
5781 BY EW-310BH : Belarus Border Guard; w/o 20oct11
5785 BY EW-311BH : Belarus Border Guard, to MCHS
EW-357EH : Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus
5786 CL ? : Eurocopter Chile, for PNA
AR PA-81 : PNA d/d 08may11 from Eurocopter Chile
20jul12 video at Rosario
03jul13 pictured at Zarate
5794 SE SE-JKS : Northwestern Helicopters Sweden
5795 RU RA-07212 : UTair
5796 BR PR-RJJ : Subsecretaria Militar da Casa Civil Rio de Janeiro (SSM+
5797 BR PP-SES : Corpo de Bombeiros Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro +
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