MBB bo105



Bo.105CB built under license by IPTN in Indonesia

List of Operators of MBB nbo105cb

From Organisation with model nbo105cb
indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan darat
indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan kepolisian

Construction Numbers on database of nbo105cb


Construction Numbers

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N024/S-260 ID HH-1501 : TNI-AD N024/S.260
N036/S-312 ID HH-1502 : TNI-AD N036/S.312
N037/S-313 ID HH-1503 : TNI-AD N037/S.313
N038/S-314 ID HH-1504 : TNI-AD N038/S.314
N039/S-317 ID HH-1505 : TNI-AD N039/S.317
N040/S-318 ID HH-1506 : TNI-AD N040/S.318
N041/S-319 ID P-4001 : Indonesia Police
N044/S-372 ID P-4002 : Indonesia Police
N046/S-374 ID P-4003 : Indonesia Police
N048/S-376 ID P-4005 : Indonesia Police
N049/S-377 ID HH-1508 : TNI-AD N049/S.377
N051/S-379 ID HH-1507 : TNI-AD N051/S.379
N056/S8-454 ID PK-PGJ : Mar99 Pelita Air Service at Pondok Cabe
N063/S8-551 ID PK-PGS : Mar99 Pelita Air Service at Pondok Cabe
N064/S8-552 ID PK-PGT : Mar99 Pelita Air Service at Pondok Cabe
N074/S8-562 ID PK-PIO : Mar99 Pelita Air Service at Pondok Cabe
N079/S8-567 ID PK-PIT : Mar99 Pelita Air Service at Pondok Cabe
N085/S-653 ID P-4006 : Indonesia Police
N086/S-654 ID P-4007 : Indonesia Police
N091/S-659 ID P-4008 : Indonesia Police
N092/S-660 ID P-4009 : Indonesia Police
N093/S-661 ID P-4010 : Indonesia Police
N094/S-662 ID P-4011 : Indonesia Police
N095/S-663 ID P-4012 : Indonesia Police
N096/S-664 ID P-4013 : Indonesia Police
N098/S-666 ID P-4014 : Indonesia Police
N105/S-703 ID P-4015 : Indonesia Police
N106/S-704 ID P-4016 : Indonesia Police; w/o 08oct97
N107/S-705 ID P-4017 : Indonesia Police
N108/S-706 ID P-4018 : Indonesia Police
N109/S-707 ID P-4019 : Indonesia Police
N111/S-709 ID P-4020 : Indonesia Police
N112/S-710 ID P-4021 : Indonesia Police
33 C/N.

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