Airwork NZ BK117-850D2


Derived from MBB bk117


Airwork NZ BK117-850D2

Developed by Airwork NZ at Ardmore, New Zealand is the MBB/Kawasaki/Eurocopter Bk117-B2 with their engines replaced with Honeywell LTS 101-850B-2 which dramatically increase the maximum OEI hover weight. Received European EASA certification in March 2012, Canadian Transport certification in May 2013 and American FAA certification in April 2014.

Model News

Airwork to Upgrade STARS BK117 Fleet, 18-Jan-17 : Airwork NZ will upgrade 3 of 8 Alberta’s STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) BK117-B2 to the BK117-850D2 type installing Honeywell LTS101-850B-2 engines

Three New Bk117-850D2 Upgrades, 10-Nov-16 : Airwork (NZ) has delivered in the last months three more upgrades on the Bk117B2 helicopter to the Bk117‐850D2 type powered with the LTS101‐850B‐2 engine

ADAC Upgrades 2 Aircraft to BK117-850D2, 19-Jul-16 : German emergency medical helicopter service ADAC Luftrettung upgraded 2 of its BK117-B2 aircraft with the enhanced LTS101-850B-2 engines. First European operator of the type.

Heli SGI Import First BK117-850D2 Into Indonesia, 07-Jul-15 : PT Sayap Garuda Indah (Heli SGI) announce that the first BK117-850D2 to be imported into Indonesia will arrive at Benoa Heliport, Bali in the coming quarter.

Indonesia STC for Airwork BK117-850D2, 14-Jun-15 : Airwork announce that with colaboration of PT Sayap Garuda Indah Heli SGI, the BK117-850D2 has gained STC certification with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for Indonesia

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From Organisation with model BK117-850D2
new zealand Airwork NZ
indonesia Heli SGI

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuilt asYearHistory
1022 bk117a-4 JP JA9922 : bk117a-4 Japan, to ZK-HHV
NZ ZK-HHV : HeliLink NZ, B2 type
NZ ZK-HHV : Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2 type; to 5Y-EXH
KE 5Y-EXH : Kenia, to P2-HBM
PG P2-HBM : Heli Niugini Papua New Guinea, ex 5Y-EXH
1031 bk117b-1 NZ ZK-HUP : bk117b-1 Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2
NZ ZK-HUP : Otago Regional Rescue, note the prefix ZK is not worn o+
1043 bk117b-1 1990 JP JA9985 : bk117b-1 to VH-RLY
AU VH-RLY : reg 19feb99; conv to B-2 type; Rotor Lift Helicopters, +
AU VH-PHZ : NSW Police /PolAir5
AU VH-PNF : NSW Police from Feb06
AU VH-VRQ : NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) from Feb15, op by Trec+
1053 bk117b-1 JP JA6617 : bk117b-1 conv to Bk117B-2, to ZK-HGF
NZ ZK-IBK : Bk.117-850D2 type; Wellington Hospital, Newtown, Welli+
1057 bk117b-1 1990 JP JA6622 : bk117b-1 to ZK-HIC
NZ ZK-HIC : New Zealand, to B-55501
CN B-55501 : China, to VH-VRP
AU VH-VRP : Australia from Sep05
AU VH-VRP : Australian Helicopters from May06, conv B2 type
AU VH-VRP : NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) from Dec13, op by Trec+
1089 bk117b-1 1994 JP JA6672 : bk117b-1 Kawasaki, to HL9210
KR HL9210 : South Korea, Apr94 - 2008
NZ ZK-HKZ : Airwork NZ 2008, conv to 850D2 type
NZ ZK-HKZ : ARHT from May08; note the prefix ZK is not worn on the +
7017 bk117a1 1984 US N317RM : bk117a1 USA, test serial D-HBKS
US N951AM : to N365CH
US N365CH : to N627AM
US N627AM : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Jun99-Dec+
NZ ZK-HNP : Airwork NZ from Mar15, conv to 850D2
7061 bk117a3 US N950MB : bk117a3 MBB, test serial D-HBNI
US N117CH : to N312LS
US N312LS : to N504LH
US N504LH : to N143AM
US N143AM : Omniflight Helicopters Feb08-Apr14
NZ ZK-IVB : Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2
NZ ZK-IVB : Garden City Helicopters at Christchurch airport from No+
7063 bk117a3 US N163BK : bk117a3 Air Methods, test serial D-HBNK; conv to A-4; conv to+
7074 bk117a3 1986 DE D-HBNV : bk117a3 cnvt. to type BK117A-4
ES EC-EVT : Generalitat de Catalunya type BK117A-4; Bomberos 03 Jul+
DE D-HDPS : bk117b2 ADAC type BK117B-2; Aug04 Christoph 6; May09 Christoph +
Jul16 conv to Bk117-850D2
7095 bk117a3 1985 US N116MB : bk117a3 ERA Med 2007-2012
NZ ZK-HQD : Airwork NZ at Papakura d/d Aug12, conv to 850D2
7102 bk117a3 US N526MB : bk117a3 ERA Med, canc May12
NZ ZK-HQJ : Airwork NZ from Sep12
CA C-GBKD : Great Slave Helicopters from Jul14
7105 bk117a3 1986 DE D-HMUF : bk117a3 Polizei Bayern Feb87-May97, test serial D-HBPZ
DE D-HMUF : Eurocopter Germany Mar98, conv to A-4
DE D-HMUF : DRF Luftrettung Jul99-Dec12, conv to B2 type
NZ ? : noted as 850D2 type by Jul13
CA C-GGSA : Great Slave Helicopters from Jan13
7140 bk117b1 1988 US N216AE : bk117b1 American Eurocopter, test serial D-HBDI
US N90260 : to N117AM
US N117AM : Air Methods Corp 2009, B2 type; conv to 850D2?
7179 bk117b1 1988 US N5405G : bk117b1 USA, test serial D-HBHV; conv to B2 type
US N5405G : STAT MedEvac, Johns Hopkins noted 2002-2004
US N5405G : Johns Hopkins Lifeline, op by STAT MedEvac, noted 2002-+
US N5405G : Maxus Leasing Group at Cleveland, OH Jul05-Jan12
CJ Systems Aviation at Englewood, CO Feb12-Jun14
NZ ZK-INI : Airwork NZ from Dec12, conv to 850D2
7184 bk117b1 1988 DE D-HIMA : bk117b1 MBB, N5405K ntu
UK G-HMBB : MBB Helicopter Systems Ltd Jun91-Apr93; conv to B-1C ty+
UK G-HMBB : McAlpine Apr93-Jun96
DE D-HBRE : ADAC Luftrettung from 1997
bk117b2 type BK117B-2; Oct02 Christoph Rheinland; Jun07 Christo+
ADAC, type 850D2?
7205 bk117b1 1990 DE D-HIMV : bk117b1 MHS Helicopter-Flugservice 1992
NO LN-OSY : Norway, to D-HBAY
DE D-HBAY : ADAC Luftrettung from 2008, conv to B-2 type; 2013 stil+
Jul16 conv to Bk117-850D2
DE D-HBAY : May/Aug 2017, sold Eurocopter BK-117 1990; available as+
17 C/N.

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