AgustaWestland eh.101

AW101 612


Norway search and rescue variant

Model News

First AW101 Delivered to Norway, 20-Nov-17 : Norway received the first first of 16 AW101. The all-weather search and rescue helicopter departed Leonardo’s Yeovil facility in UK for Sola airbase to begin a test period

Norway AW101 Training Centre Opens, 13-Jun-17 : Official opening ceremony of the AW101 Norway Training Centre at Stavanger Sola Airport by Minister of Justice & Public Security

Norwegian AW101 Roll Out Ceremony, 31-May-16 : Norwegian AW101 NAWSARH SAR helicopter was unveilled by Anders Anundsen, Norway’s Minister of Justice and Public Security, in a roll out ceremony held at Yeovil, UK

Flat-Panel Surveillance Radar for Norway AW101, 03-May-16 : Osprey is the newest Leonardo-Finmeccanica E-scan surveillance radar and will be first installed on Norwegian NAWSARH AW101 helicopters

Norwegian First AW101 Maiden Flight, 23-Mar-16 : Finmeccanica announced the first of 16 AgustaWestland AW101 for Norway successfully performed its maiden flight at its Yeovil factory in the UK on 21st March 2016.

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List of Operators of AgustaWestland AW101 612

From Organisation with model AW101 612
united kingdom AgustaWestland UK
    eh.101 2000/   
norway Luftforsvaret

Construction Numbers on database of AW101 612

16AW101 612

Construction Numbers

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50262 2016 NO 0262 : Norway f/f 21mar16, test serial ZZ100
50264 NO 0264 : Norway f/f 17aug16, test serial ZZ101
50265 2017 UK ZZ102 : AgustaWestland Yeovil Feb17
NO 0265 : Second Norwegian AW101; 19jan18 pictured departing Yeov+
50268 NO 0268 : First Norwegian AW101 delivered, , test serial ZZ103; 1+
24nov17 overturned during a ground run , no injuries; r+
50270 NO 0270 : Norway, test serial ZZ104
50273 NO 0273 : Norway, test serial ZZ105
50275 NO 0275 : Norway, test serial ZZ106
50276 NO 0276 : Norway, test serial ZZ107
50277 NO 0277 : Norway, test serial ZZ108
50278 NO 0278 : Norway, test serial ZZ109
50279 NO 0279 : Norway, test serial ZZ110
50280 NO 0280 : Norway, test serial ZZ111
50281 NO 0281 : Norway, test serial ZZ112
50282 NO 0282 : Norway, test serial ZZ113
50283 NO 0283 : Norway, test serial ZZ114
50284 NO 0284 : Norway, test serial ZZ115
16 C/N.

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