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s-55 H-19

s-55 H-19
The S-55 was the first transport helicopter to receive Civil Aeronautics Administration 's (forerunner of today's Federal Aviation Administration) approval for commercial operation and enter scheduled passenger service.

Sikorsky manufactured near 1300 S-55s in ten years of continuous production commencing in 1949 and was also build under license in Great Britain by Westland as the Whirlwind in France by Sud-Est and in Japan by Mitsubishi,

Derivatives and Versions of this model:

    S-55     1949 Commercial version with 600HP P&W R-1340 Wasp engine.
    YH-19     1949 The first of the five YH-19 prototypes capable of carrying ten passengers in addition to a crew of two first flew on 10 November 1949 and was cha ...
    H-19A Chickasaw     1950 USAF version of the YH-19 powered by a 600hp P&W R-1340-57 Wasp engine. Some converted to SH-19A SAR helicopter. Redesignated HH/UH-19A in 1962, ...
    HO4S-1     1950 US Navy version of the S-55 powered by a 600hp P&W R-1340-57 Wasp engine. Redesignated UH-19F in 1962, 10 built under contract: NOa(s) 12024.
    S-55A     1950 Commercial version with 800HP Wright R-1300-3 Cyclone engine.
    HO4S-2     1951 Navalized SAR version of the H-19B powered by a 700hp Wright R-1300-3 Cyclone engine. Redesignated UH-19G in 1962, 10 built: 7 for USCG & 3 for R ...
    HRS-1     1951 USMC version of the HO4S-1 with P&W R-1340-57 Wasp engine for eight troops, 60 built, plus one static airframe used for testing.
    S-55B     1951 Improved commercial version with 800HP Wright R-1300-3 Cyclone engine.
    H-19C Chickasaw     1952 US Army version of the H-19A with 600HP P&W R-1340-57 Wasp engine for troop transport duties. Redesignated UH-19C in 1962, 72 built.
    HO4S-3     1952 Re-engined US Navy & Canadian version with 700HP Wright R-1300 Cyclone engine. Redesignated UH-19F (American variant) & HO4S-3 (Canadian & Dutch ...
HO4S-3: 133844 - 133853, contract NOa(s) 42-471 (MDAP) cancelled, airframes not built.
HO4S-3: 138432 - 138459, contract cancelled, airframes not built.
    HRS-2     1952 USN/USMC HRS-1 with equipment changes, 101 built. [Includes 10 supplied to UK RN as Whirlwind HAR.21 under MAP.]
    westland whirlwind     1952 During 1950, the Royal Navy had received 10 rescue (HAR.21) and 15 anti-submarine (HAS.22) versions of the Sikorsky-built S-55 airframes for eval ...
The main driver for the S-55 evaluation was the frustration of the Admiralty over the difficulties experienced in development and sea tests by th ...
Westland had acquired some familiarity with the US built Sikorsky S-55. In November 1950, it negotiated a licence from Sikorsky to build and deve ...
The first British Whirlwind flew at Yeovil on 15 Aug 1953 for the Royal Navy with a 3 man crew and three more versions of the Series 1, two for t ...
The Whirlwind HAR.5 (a prototype development of the naval HAR.3) was the first British engined version, to be powered by the 14 cylinder, 882hp, ...
Westland judged that turbine engines were powerful and reliable enough to incorporate the Gnome into the HAR.9, which needed a redesigned no ...
A number of versions were built for civil commercial passenger and freight users, both for the UK and export market. More than 400 Whirlwind ...
    Whirlwind HAR.21     1952 Ten Sikorsky HRS-2 for UK Royal Navy as Whirlwind HAR.21.
    Whirlwind HAS.22     1952 Fifteen Sikorsky HO4S-3 for UK Royal Navy as Whirlwind HAS.22.
    H-19B Chickasaw     1953 USAF version of the H-19A powered by a 700hp Wright R-1300-3 Cyclone engine. Many converted to SH-19B SAR helicopters. Redesignated HH/UH-19B in ...
    H-19D Chickasaw     1953 US Army version of the H-19B powered by 700HP Wright R-1300 Cyclone engine. Redesignated UH-19D in 1962, 268 built.
H-19D: 57-2553 - 57-2558, contract cancelled, airframes not built.
H-19D: 59-0492 - 59-0521, contract cancelled, airframes not built.
    HRS-3     1953 Improved HRS-2 with a 700HP Wright R-1300-3 Cyclone engine. Redesignated CH-19E in 1962. 91 built and conversions from HRS-2.
    S-55C     1953 Improved commercial version with 800HP Wright R-1300-3 cyclone engine.
    H-19D-3     1956 US Army improved version of the H-19D. Redesignated UH-19D-3 in 1962, 25 built: 14 for US Army, 11 for France.
    HRS-3Z     1956 VIP version of HRS-3 for France. [5 built on contract 56-4123.]
    H-19D-4     1957 H-19D-3 with equipment changes for France. 1 built.
    HO4S-3G     1957 Specialized SAR version of HO4S-3 for USCG. 9 built.
    mitsubishi S-55     1958
    S-55T     1969 Designation applied to aircraft modified with a 650 shp Garrett AirResearch turboshaft and other updated equipment.
Aircraft modified by Aviation Specialties and produced and marketed by Helitec with a 650SHP Garrett AiResearch TPE-331-3U-303 turboshaft and upd ...

Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model s-55 H-19
usa US Navy
usa US Air Force
    327 1951/67
usa US Marine Corps
usa US Coast Guard
    30 1951/66
canada Pratt and Whitney Canada
canada Royal Canadian Navy (1945-1968)
    13 1952/68
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    25 1952/62
usa Los Angeles Airways
    7 1952/62
argentina Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina
    12 1953/73
belgium SABENA
    11 1953/??
france Armée de l'Air
netherlands Marine Luchtvaartdienst
    3 1953/63
usa US Army Aviation
argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
    9 1954/71
india bharat praday mishan
portugal Força Aérea Portuguesa
    4 1954/60
spain Ejercito del Aire
    28 1954/81
thailand Royal Thai Air Force
japan Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
    17 1955/??
spain Arma Aerea de la Armada Española
    9 1955/76
venezuela fuerza aerea de venezuela
    12 1955/82
france Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre
france Aéronautique Navale
    H-19D Chickasaw 15 1956/60
israel Heil Ha'Avir
    2 1956/63
south africa Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
    4 1956/68
usa Chicago Helicopter Airways
    S-55B 3 1956/61
chile fuerza aerea de chile
    8 1957/90
denmark Flyvevåbnet
    7 1957/66
dominican republic Fuerza Aerea Dominicana
    3 1957/69
japan Japan Air Self-Defense Force
    4 1957/??
canada Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968)
    14 1958/66
greece Polemiki Aeroporia
    18 1958/73
italy Aeronautica Militare Italiana
    6 1958/??
norway Luftforsvaret
    4 1958/67
south korea Daehanminguk Gong-gun
turkey türk hava kuvvetleri
    18 1958/80
south vietnam Không lực Việt Nam Cộng hòa
    HRS-3 6 1961/74
guatemala Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca
    3 1963/86
brazil Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil
    S-55C 1964
ecuador Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana
    6 1965/??
south africa Autair Helicopters
    S-55C 3 1968/72
netherlands Aviodome
    HO4S-3 1 1971/now
switzerland heliswiss

United Nations
usa New York Airways

Construction Numbers on database of s-55 H-19 or its versions


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