MBB bo105




Initial verstion powered by 2 Allison 250-C20 turbine engines


From Organisation with model bo105c
germany MBB
    bo105 1967/92
united kingdom Trinity House
    bo105 1971/10
germany DRF Luftrettung
    bo105 1972/09
nigeria Nigerian Air Force
    bo105 24 1973/now
spain Guardia Civil
    bo105 31 1974/now
chile Carabineros de Chile
    bo105 13 1976/now
netherlands Politie Luchtvaart Dienst
    5 1976/10
philippines Philippine Navy
    bo105 1977/now
united kingdom Bond Aviation Group
    bo105 1977/??
germany Landespolizei
    bo105 1978/06
norway Norsk Luftambulanse
    bo105 1978/??
bahrain Royal Bahraini Air Force
    bo105 5 1980/now
spain Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra
    bo105 73 1980/now
netherlands Koninklijke Luchtmacht
    1 1983/00
peru Fuerza Aerea del Peru
    bo105 10 1984/now
indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan laut
bahrain Royal Bahrain Naval Force
    3 1995/now
argentina C5N
    bo105 2 2008/now

china Eastern General Aviation
germany Bundesministerium des Innern
united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
united kingdom UK Police Forces
Construction Numbers on database of bo105c


Construction Numbers Help Us

S-12 1971 DE D-HMDI : 105a MBB cnvt. to C
MBB toward D-HGSA
DE D-HGSA : BMI type:Bo105C ex D-HMDI
105cbs-5 1995 type:Bo105CBS-5 at Eurocopter for conversion to CB+
Mar07 type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 3
Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9602
KR HL9602 : Sejin; Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSA
S-14 1971 DE D-HGSC : 105a BMI; cnvt. to CBS-5 year 19..
105cbs-5 Dec07 type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 7
Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9603
KR HL9603 : Sejin; Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSC
S-20 1971 DE D-HDAC : MBB, to G-AZOR
UK G-AZOR : Management Aviation Ltd Mar72-Jul81; 28sep72 pictured +
ES EC-DOE : Heli España S.A. 1981-1986
UK G-AZOR : Bond Helicopters Oct86-Aug99; Bond Air Services Aug99-N+
UK G-AZOR : Wales Air Ambulance 1999-2003, op by Bond
UK G-WAAN : Bond Air Services Nov03-Aug04
UK G-WAAN : Great North Air Ambulance (GNAAS) 2003-04 op by Bond
UK G-WAAN : PLM Dollar Group Aug04-Sep12; wfu
S-38 ES HE.15-8 : ET-128
S-41 1972 US N153BB : Chicago Helicopter Industries 1972-1975; to HB-XFD
UK G-BGWP : Bond Helicopters; conv Bo.105D; ex HB-XFD; to G-PASA
S-63 1972 US N210BB : Boeing Vertol 1974, test serial D-HDBN
US N210BB : Metro Aviation from 1974; w/o 1988 wfu
US N105LB : Hangar One Inc 1990-2004
US N105LB : Evergreen 2004-2009
US N911AK : MSE Air Group Inc, Puerto Rico 2009
US N911AK : Aviane Aviation 2010
S-67 ES HE.15-10 : ET-132
S-68 ES HE.15-11 : ET-131
S-69 ES HE.15-12 : ET-130
S-70 1972 DE D-HDBU : MBB toward D-9586
DE D-9586 : WTD61 ex D-HDBU re-registered to 98+15
DE 98+15 : WTD61 ex D-9586 re-registered to 82+95
DE 82+95 : WTD61 ex 98+15 toward HE.15-13
ES HE.15-13 : ET-127
S-71 DE 82+96 : Jun77 pictured unk location; to FAMET as ET-135. Notice+
ES HE.15-14 : ET-135
S-80 1973 DE D-HDCE : MBB, conv to 105D; Feb75 to Helicopter Marketing Ltd, U+
UK G-BCXO : Bond Helicopters Feb76-Mar92; 1992 preserved as G-BOND +
UK G-BCXO : Rotortech rebuilt as Bo.105DBS-4 type c/n S-80/859 G-TH+
UK G-THLS : Bond Helicopters Feb92-Aug99, Bo.105DBS-4 c/n S.80/859
Bond Air Services Aug99-Oct04
UK G-THLS : Trinity House, op by Bond Air Services; 21jul02 pictur+
Trinity House, by Bond Air Services; w/o 16sep04 ditc+
LS slipped off the back of the Trinity House Vessel Pat+
S-83 1973 UK G-BCTE owner ? : from 1974 to 1976 ex ? toward D-HDCH
1975 to 1976 owned by Ferranti Helicopters at Gatwick A+
DE D-HDCH : MBB from 1976 to 1976 cnvt. to Bo105DB ex G-BCTE toward+
NL PH-NZH : KLM from 1976 to 1982 ex D-HDCH toward B-83
NL B-83 : KLU from 1983 ex PH-NZH 299sqn. wfu 2000
26nov91 299Sqn. visit Soesterberg
S-85 ES HE.15-15 : ET-134
S-86 JP JA9515 : Japan 1973, test serial D-HDCK; 1990 to New Zealand as +
AU VH-JXO : conv bo105cbs-4; Helicopter Resources, Australia 1991
US N73PL : Biscayne Helicopters at Miami, FL 01 May 1995 for Argen+
AR LV-WJX : Air Rescue AMIL from 1995; News channel 9 (canal 9) fr+
AR LV-WJX : C5N from 2007; Jul08 pictured at San Fernando
w/o 18jun10 crash near Villa Martelli Buenos Aires. 2 f+
S-87 1973 ES EC-CGF : Delcasti SA, Spain 1973
NL PH-HUP : ACE Helicopters, Netherlands 1986
US N105BK : Blair Kiefer at Fort Collins, CO Sep1993-Oct95
AR LV-WLA : Heli-jet Aeromedicos, Argentina
S-95 NG NAF 500 : NAF NAF-500/NAF500
S-96 NG NAF 501 : NAF NAF-501/NAF501
S-97 NG NAF 502 : NAF NAF-502/NAF502
S-98 NG NAF 503 : NAF NAF-503/NAF503
S-105 PE FAP-600 : FAP 1984, wfu
S-106 PE FAP-604 : FAP 1984, wfu
S-107 PE FAP-607 : FAP 1984; preserved at Lima airbase
21aug15 pictured preserved at Callao airbase during vis+
S-115 PE FAP-638 : FAP 1984
S-125 DE D-HBOA : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg, to D-HEXE
S-126 1974 DE D-HAYA : Polizei Rheinland-Pfa; conv Bo105cb; 2004 to heli conce+
AT D-HSDM : Bo105cb-4 type; from 2006 with the Flying Bulls; 03jun1+
S-127 1972 CH HB-XEK : Swiss Ambulance Polizei 1974-1978; to D-HDDT
NO D-HDDT : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d May78; to LN-OSH
NO LN-OSH : Norsk Luftambulanse d/d 1980; ex D-HDDT; w/o 24oct87 at+
S-135 1974 UK G-PASB : BOND Helicopters Nov75-May86, test serial D-HDEC; to Au+
AU VH-LSA : Surf Live Saving 1986
UK G-PASB : Medical Aviation Services Mar89-Apr93
UK G-PASB : Bond Helicopters Apr93-Aug94
UK G-PASB : Wiltshire Police and Ambulance 1993, op by Bond; part+
S-140 1974 DE D-HAYE : Polizei Rheinland Pfalz from 1974 to 2002
DE D-HAYE : Heliconcept from 2002 to 2006 toward D-HTDM
AT D-HTDM : Red Bull from 2006 cnvt. to Bo105CB-4 ex D-HAYE. 20 sep+
105cb-4 Red Bull; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show
20sep09 pictured at Leopoldsburg-Beverlo airfield (EBLE+
105cb-4 27+28aug11 Radom air show
S-147 US N90740 : conv 105cbs; conv 105cbs-4; to D-HCCA
NO LN-OAQ : leased from D-HCCA
AT D-HCCA : Aerial Helicopter; to OE-XRM
AT OE-XRM : FlyMed 2009; ex D-HCCA
S-160 1974 US N90761 : Air Logistics, test serial D-HDEA
US N90761 : Arrow Aviation, scr
S-168 RP 414 : Philippine Navy MH-40
S-169 RP 402 : Philippine Navy MH-40
S-175 DE D-HBOB : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg; conv to 105CB; to OK-EIH
CZ OK-EIH : Heliwork CZ, Czech Rep 2005 CB-4 type
S-177 ID PK-TVB : Travira Air, ex PK-PGV, to 9M-LLR
MY 9M-LLR : Malaysia, conv to Bo105CB
13jun15 11:30 UTC landing at Pekanbaru, Indonesia
S-186 1974 US N90762 : 1974-1990, test serial D-HDFX
US N2951W : 1991 conv to 105CB type
US N505TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from 1991
US N585TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from 2011 and wfu; sold to Australia; +
S-187 1974 US N90763 : USA, test serial D-HDFY
US N202SC : to N83CJ
US N83CJ - : to N911ET
US N911ET : conv to 105CBS-4 type; East Texas Medical Center Region+
US N917ET : to Australia, 105CBS-4 type
? : 25mar13 to Australia as VH- unk
Feb15 to be operated in Papua New Guinea
S-192 CL C-10 : Carabineros d/d 1976; ex D-HDEL; to civ
CL CC-CER : ex C-10
S-193 CL C-11 : Carabineros d/d 1976; ex D-HDEM; to civ
CL CC-CWI : ex C-11; conv Bo105CB-2
S-194 CL C-12 : Carabineros d/d 1976; ex D-HDEB; w/o Jan83
S-195 CL C-13 : Carabineros d/d 1976; ex D-HDDU
S-200 ES HE.15-16 : ET-129. preserved
S-205 1975 CH HB-XFN : aztec from 1976 to 1985 in 1985 crashed. Helicopter is +
DE D-HAMB : DRF after rebuilt type change to Bo105CBS-4 ex HB-XFN s+
N14/S8-220 ID PK-XZK : Indonesia, to PK-FGH
ID PK-FGH : Surya Air, Bo105CB type
S-228 RP 404 : Philippine Navy MH-40
S-249 1976 NL PH-RPV : POLITIE d/d 1976
NL PH-RPV : BM Aviation from 2010 str Emmen Heliport; Sep12 to 4L-Q+
GE 4L-QOR : Georgia d/d 12sep12, ex PH-RPV
S-250 1976 NL PH-RPW : POLITIE d/d 1976
S-251 CL C-14 : Carabineros d/d 1976; ex D-HDHK
S-252 BH 1061 : RBAF 10 sqd; ex HDHL
S-253 BH 1062 : RBAF 10 sqd; ex HDHM
S-255 1976 CN B-7001 : Eastern General Aviation
S-256 1976 CN B-7002 : Eastern General Aviation
S-328 1977 NL PH-RPU : POLITIE d/d 1977; wfu 1990
S-355 1978 NL PH-RPS : POLITIE d/d 1978
S-356 1978 NL PH-RPR : POLITIE d/d 1979
S-403 RP RP-C215 : PADC c/n PADC Bo105C S.9-403/P40 toward D-HDQX
DE D-HDQX : MBB in 1981 cnvt. to type:cb-2 ex RP-C215 toward HU.15-+
ES HU.15-07 : Guardia Civil ex D-HDQX reregistered to HU.15-77
ES HU.15-77 : 09-107. Bo105CB
S-454 ES HR.15-20 : ET-139. CASA bo105loh S-4.454. to Guardia Civil as HU.1+
ES HU.15-20 : 09-121. Bo105CB. ex EC-060
57 C/N.

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