sikorsky R-4 Hoverfly



Model History:

The R-4 was the US military designation of the VS-316A, essentially an improved VS-300 with a fully enclosed, fabric-covered structure (the last metre or so of the tail skeleton was left uncovered), slightly larger main rotor diameter, improved engine and without the small, nose-mounted stabilising wheel.

Following promising performance by a prototype, United Aircraft (Vought-Sikorsky Division) accepted a contract in 1941 to develop it further into a twin seater. On 14 Jan 1942, the first (XR-4) Hoverfly was flown. After a historic flight of over 750 miles (in several stages between 13 and 17 May) and acceptance in May 1942, the US ordered 30 machines (YR-4) in 1943.

Derivatives and Versions of this model:

    HNS-1     1944

Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model R-4 Hoverfly

united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    24 1944/48

Construction Numbers on database of R-4 Hoverfly or its versions


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Airframes conv to new variant  

C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    200 Fleet Air Arm KK995 : R-4B BuNo 43-46558; Oct44 to RN (or RAF?) as Hoverfly I+
R-4B-SI Hoverfly I c/n 200 del for Royal Navy ex 43-465+

    1 C/N found.

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