Sud Aviation S-58


HSS-1 Seabat


This was a licence-built version of the Sikorsky S-58 for the French Navy.


From Organisation with model HSS-1 Seabat
france Aéronautique Navale
    61 1957/79
belgium Force Aérienne Belge
    5 1961/86

Construction Numbers on database of HSS-1 Seabat


Construction Numbers Help Us

SA.39 FR SKY.922 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-922; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.40 FR SKY.932 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-932; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.41 FR SKY.944 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-944; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.42 FR SKY.954 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-954; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.43 FR SKY.961 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-961; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.44 FR SKY.971 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-971; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.45 FR SKY.983 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-983; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.46 FR SKY.994 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-994; del as components to Sud Avi+
SA.47 FR SKY.1004 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1004; del as components to Sud Av+
SA.48 FR SKY.1005 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1005; del as components to Sud Av+
SA.49 FR SKY.1006 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1006; del as components to Sud Av+
SA.50 FR SKY.1007 : Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1007; del as components to Sud Av+
FR 7 : instructional airframe at Rochefort by 1980. to 1983.
Gate Guardian at Lanveoc by 1983 until at least 1987
SA.119 FR SA.119 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.119, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.120 FR SA.120 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.120, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.121 FR SA.121 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.121, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.122 FR SA.122 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.122, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.123 FR SA.123 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.123, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.124 FR SA.124 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.124, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.125 FR SA.125 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.125, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.126 FR SA.126 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.126, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.127 FR SA.127 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.127, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.128 FR SA.128 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.128, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.129 FR SA.129 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.129, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.130 FR SA.130 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.130, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.131 FR SA.131 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.131, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.132 FR SA.132 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.132, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.133 FR SA.133 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.133, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.134 FR SA.134 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.134, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.135 FR SA.135 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.135, ff?; del France Aeronava+
Instructional airframe at Rochefort by 1980 until at le+
SA.136 FR SA.136 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.136, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.137 FR SA.137 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.137, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.138 FR SA.138 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.138, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.139 FR SA.139 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.139, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.140 FR SA.140 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.140, ff?; del France Aeronava+
ex 31F. Instructional airframe at Rochefort by 1980.
SA.141 FR SA.141 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.141, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.142 FR SA.142 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.142, ff?; del France Aeronava+
Still at Poitiers by 1986.
SA.143 FR SA.143 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.143, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.144 FR SA.144 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.144, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.145 BE B4 : FAB d/d May61
1972 Represented RBAF at 6th International Helicopter S+
17jul80 pictured (bot) at Koksijde for NATO SAR Meeting+
FAB OT-ZKD; soc 1984; preserved Koksijde
jun09 picture outside hangar at Koksijde
SA.146 BE B5 : FAB d/d May61; w/o 29aug85 at Koksijde AB, tech prob a+
1972 Represented RBAF at 6th International Helicopter S+
FAB OT-ZKE w/o 28aug85 no casualities
SA.147 FR SA.147 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.147, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.148 FR SA.148 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.148, ff?; del France Aeronava+
Ex 33F. Instructional airframe at Rochefort by 1980 un+
SA.149 1961 FR 149 : Sud Aviation HSS-1, c/n SA.149, ff 14Apr61; del Aeronav+
gate guardian at Frejus by 1983 until at least 1987
1990s pictured as Gate guardian at BAN Frejus-Saint-Rap+
SA.150 FR SA.150 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.150, ff?; del France Aeronava+
Instructional airframe at Rochefort by 1980 until 1987.
Transferred from Technical School to the museum in 1988+
SA.181 BE B6 : FAB OT-ZKF d/d Feb62; wfu May79; From 1980 preserved a+
SA.182 FR 182 : FN preserved St. Mandrier
FR SA.182 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.182, ff?; del France Aeronava+
FR 182 : FN; 2011 gate guard Hyeres
SA.183 FR SA.183 : Sud Aviation HSS-1 c/n SA.183, ff?; del France Aeronava+
SA.184 BE B7 : FAB OT-ZKG d/d Feb62; leased to navy as minesweeper,+
SA.185 BE B8 : FAB d/d jan62; Leased to Navy as minesweeper, used anc+
FAB OT-ZKH from 1962 to 1986; From 1991 gate guardian K+
BE OT-ZKH : pictured preserved gate guardian at Koksijde, The Last +
49 C/N.

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