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CV-22B Osprey


CV-22B Osprey

Model History:

USAF Special Operations variant equipped with extra fuel tanks and terrain following radar

cockpit CV-22B Osprey

Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model CV-22B Osprey

usa US Air Force
    v-22 Osprey 48 2005/now

Construction Numbers on database of CV-22B Osprey


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Airframes conv to new variant  

    D1005 US Air Force 02-0024 : USAF CV-22B d/d 71st SOS Edwards AFB
Jul06 71st SOS Kirtland AFB; Sep13 still
    D1006 US Air Force 02-0025 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B; made precautionary landing in Arizo+
2011 71st SOS
29aug13 pictured at Fort Worth, Texas
16aug15 asg 71st SOS visit Lincoln, Nebraska
    D1007 US Air Force 04-0026 : USAF CV-22B d/d 01Mar06
Mar06 asg 71st SOS
16mar07 pictured (bot) with 40th HS crews during a visi+
Sep13 still with 71st SOS
    D1008 US Air Force 04-0027 : USAF CV-22B; 8th SOS, Hulbert Field, FL
May06 71st SOS, Kirtland AFB; Sep13 still
26may06 picture taking part on movie Transformers. AS35+
    D1009 US Air Force 05-0028 : USAF CV-22B; 8th SOS, Hulbert Field, FL
27jun07 asg 8th SOS training with Navy SEAL at Lake Jac+
Oct08 8th SOS visit Lajes
Oct11 71st SOS, Kirtland AFB; Dec13 still
    D1010 US Air Force 05-0029 : USAF CV-22B; 8th SOS, Hulbert Field, FL
Jan12 71st SOS, Kirtland AFB; Sep13 still
    D1011 US Air Force 05-0030 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1011, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B,+
USAF; oct08 8th SOS visit Lajes
Oct11 20th SOS
    D1012 2007 US Air Force 06-0031 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1012, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B,+
oct08 8th SOS visit Lajes
    D1013 2006 US Air Force 06-0032 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1013, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B,+
Oct08 8th SOS visit Lajes
w/o 13jun12. 8th SOS crash on the Eglin Range, north of+
    D1014 2007 US Air Force 07-0033 : USAF; end Mar-Apr11 tdy Mildenhall 20th SOS
Oct12 8th SOS
01jul15 at RAF Mildenhall
    D1015 2008 US Air Force 07-0034 : USAF CV-22B 2008; 8th SOS, 1st SOW
01feb11 pictured with 8th SOS at Hurlburt Field, FL
May12 20th SOS
Dec13 71st SOS Kirtland AFB
    D1016 US Air Force 08-0035 : 26jan11 USAF CV-22B 0035 pictured with 8th SOS at Hurlb+
    D1017 US Air Force 08-0036 : May12 20th SOS
    D1018 2008 US Air Force 08-0037 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1018, ff?; ordered as 07-0037,+
USAF; end Mar-Apr11 tdy Mildenhall 20th SOS
    D1019 US Air Force 08-0038 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1019, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B,+
USAF; end Mar-Apr11 tdy Mildenhall 20th SOS
    D1020 US Air Force 08-0039 : Bell-Boeing CV-22B, c/n D1020, ff?; del USAF as CV-22B,+
USAF; end Mar-Apr11 tdy Mildenhall 20th SOS
    D1021 2010 US Air Force 08-0040 : USAF CV-22B 0040; 26jan11 pictured with 8th SOS at Hurl+
May12 20th SOS
    D1022 2010 US Air Force 09-0041 : USAF; 2011 8th SOS; 2014 still
    D1023 2011 US Air Force 09-0042 : USAF; 23May11 8th SOS static display at the Andrews 201+
    D1024 2011 US Air Force 09-0043 : USAF; 2013 8th SOS; 2014 still
    D1025 2011 US Air Force 09-0044 : USAF, 2011 20th SOS, 27th SOW; 2014 still
    D1026 US Air Force 09-0045 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS
    D1027 2011 US Air Force 09-0046 : USAF d/d Dec11; Jan13 20th SOS; 2014 7th SOS; Apr15 rtn+
    D1028 2012 US Air Force 10-0052 : USAF; 2013 20th SOS
    D1029 2012 US Air Force 10-0053 : USAF; 2013 8th SOS
    D1030 2012 US Air Force 10-0054 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS
    D1031 2012 US Air Force 10-0055 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS; 2014 still
    D1032 US Air Force 10-0056 : USAF; 2013 20th SOS, 27th SOW; 2015 still
    D1033 US Air Force 08-0047 : USAF; 2012 8th SOS; 2015 still
    D1034 US Air Force 08-0048 : USAF; 2012 20th SOS; 2015 still
    D1035 2012 US Air Force 08-0049 : USAF; 2014 20th SOS
    D1036 US Air Force 11-0057 : USAF; Jun13 7th SOS, 352 SOG; 24jun13 pictured (top) ar+
19jul15 7th SOS pictured (bot) at RIAT 2015
    D1037 US Air Force 11-0058 : USAF, Jun13 352 SOG ( 7th SOS? ); 24jun13 pictured (top+
Jan14 at Pisa San Giusto, Italy
17dec14 pictured (bot) with 7th SOS at Newquay Airport,+
    D1038 2012 US Air Force 08-0050 : USAF; 2015 7th SOS
19jul15 7th SOS pictured at RIAT 2015, UK
    D1039 US Air Force 11-0059 : USAF; Nov13 7th SOS
    D1040 US Air Force 11-0060 : USAF; Nov13 7th SOS
23jul14 pictured at RAF Mildenhall
    D1041 US Air Force 11-0061 : USAF; Jan14 8th SOS
    D1042 2012 US Air Force 08-0051 : USAF, 2014 8th SOS
    D1043 US Air Force 12-0062 : USAF; 2015 7th SOS
19jul15 7th SOS pictured at RIAT 2015, UK
    D1044 US Air Force 12-0063 : USAF; 2015 7th SOS
    D1045 US Air Force 12-0064 : USAF; 2015 7th SOS
    D1046 US Air Force 12-0065 : USAF
    D1047 US Air Force 12-0066 : USAF; 2015 20th SOS
    D1048 US Air Force 12-0067 : USAF
    D1049 US Air Force 13-0068 : USAF from Apr15
    45 C/N found.

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