eurocopter as365 dauphin 2    


Model History:

Built by Eurocopter France and powered with two engines Turbomeca Ariel 2C2 engines

News about this Model:

Corporate Helicopters receives new EC155, 22-Oct-13 : Las Vegas, Nevada – Corporate Helicopters of San Diego has taken delivery of a new, customized EC155 helicopter equipped for Corporate and VIP transportation missions. The luxurious and powerful EC155 was purchased from American Eurocopter, which continues to provide a range of state of the art helicopters for business transportation.

NORTH FDS receives FAA STC approval for EC.155 LARS, 24-Apr-12 : ARLINGTON, TX - NORTH Flight Data Systems, LLC( NORTH FDS) is pleased to announce they have received FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for the installation of their Lightweight Aircraft Recording (LARS) system in the Eurocopter EC155 series helicopters.

Metro Aviation receives FAA Supplemental Type Certificate for EC155B1, 10-Jan-12 : Metro Aviation, Inc. received an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate SR09591RC (STC) for a complete Emergency Medical System kit and associated options for the Eurocopter EC155B1. This is the first EC155B1 to be equipped with an EMS package in the United States. Metro Aviation, Inc. received approval late December after five months of completing the STC program.

Royal Thai Police signs contract for 3 EC155, 08-Sep-09 : Hong Kong, Eurocopter, the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer is pleased to announce the contract signature of 3 EC155 Dauphin helicopters with the Royal Thai Police (RTP) at Asian Aerospace in Hong Kong. These 3 new medium weight twin-engine helicopters will be delivered in 2011 and will be dedicated to VVIP missions.

first EC155 B1 to NSFC in Vietnam, 18-Jun-09 : Eurocopter is pleased to announce the delivery of the first EC155 B1 to Northern Service Flight Company (NSFC) based in Hanoi (Vietnam). Founded in 1989, NSFC belongs to the Service Flight Corporation (SFC), a long-standing partner of Eurocopter. NSFC is one of the leading businesses in the country providing a wide range of helicopter passenger flights for oil and gas exploration, search and rescue operations, field survey, tourism etc.

Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model EC155B1
france Eurocopter France
    as365 dauphin 2 1992/13
belgium NHV
    as365 dauphin 2 1997/now
germany Bundespolizei
    as365 dauphin 2 20 2000/now
hong kong government flying service
    5 2002/now
denmark DanCopter
vietnam Vietnam Helicopter Corporation
azerbaijan Azerbaijan Airlines
    4 2005/now
netherlands CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv
    3 2006/now
united kingdom Bristow
netherlands heli holland
    1 2007/now
thailand Royal Thai Police
    5 2010/now
romania InterAviation SRL.
    1 2011/now

singapore Eurocopter Southeast Asia
    as365 dauphin 2
usa Metro Aviation Inc
usa State of Michigan

Construction Numbers on database of EC155B1


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eurocopter EC155B

Airframes conv to new variant  

    6620 Eurocopter France F-WWOC : Eurocopter France toward B-HRU
government flying service B-HRU : ex F-WWOC
    6627 Eurocopter France F-WWOX : Eurocopter France toward B-HRV
government flying service B-HRV : ex F-WWOX
    6632 Eurocopter France F-WWOR : Eurocopter France toward B-HRW
government flying service B-HRW : ex F-WWOR
    6635 Eurocopter France F-WWOS : Eurocopter France toward B-HRX
government flying service B-HRX : ex F-WWOS. w/o 26aug03 night crash into hill, 2 fatalit+
    6638 Eurocopter France F-WWOD : Eurocopter France toward B-HRY
government flying service B-HRY : ex F-WWOD
    6642 2003 N84AZ : Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL Oct04-Sep05
Capital Air Services Ltd G-NIVA : Lanthwaite Aviation from Feb05; 28sep11 pictured at Hel+
G-NIVA : 13feb14 at Battersea Heliport
    6645 Vietnam Helicopter Corporation VN-8601 : SSFC
    6647 Vietnam Helicopter Corporation VN-8602 : SSFC
    6653 Eurocopter France F-WWOJ : Eurocopter toward 2901
Royal Thai Police 2901 : Police ex F-WWOJ
    6655 2003 DanCopter OY-HJP : DanCopter ex test serial F-WWOI
    6658 2003 DanCopter OY-HSL : DanCopter from 2003
07feb13 pictured at their Norwich base, UK
    6659 2004 Bundespolizei D-HLTN : BGS
    6660 2003 N155EW : Tex-Air Helicopters
DanCopter OY-HSK : DanCopter A/s from 2007; 08Aug12 pictured at Norwich, U+
    6661 ON SALE Samsung HL9271 : Samsung South Korea, to D-HLEI
D-HLEI : Germany, Sep11
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OML : Omni Taxi Aereo from Jan12
    6662 2003 N588CF : TexAir Offshore 2003-2005 from Galveston, Texas
ERA Helicopters N588CF : ERA May05-Feb07, to D-HLEV
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HLEV : Eurocopter Germany Feb07-Nov07, to OY-HJJ
DanCopter OY-HJJ : DanCopter from Nov07-2010, to LN-OYD
Blueway LN-OYD : Blueway Offshore Norge from 2010, to 5H-EXO
Everett Aviation ltd 5H-EXO : Tanzania Offshore from Jan12
DanCopter OY-HJJ : 2013 rereg back; 04nov13 pictured on off shore duties a+
    6663 2004 Bundespolizei D-HLTO : BGS
    6681 Eurocopter France F-WWOU : Eurocopter toward 4K-AZ44
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ44 : AZAL, to D-HAZA
D-HAZA : ex 4K-AZ44
NHV OO-NSH : 09Sep13 Noted Norwich in full NHV colours
08jul14 landed at Humberside airport
    6683 Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ45 : AZAL, test serial F-WWOF
heli holland PH-HHO : Heli Holland Offshore d/d 19dec13 arrived at main base +
10oct14 Currently based at De Kooy, Netherlands
25mar15 pictured during night stopping at Norwich, UK
    6685 Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ46 : AZAL
    6693 Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ47 : AZAL
    6697 Jaya Tiasa Aviation 9M-JTH : Jaya Tiasa Aviation
    6708 2005 Eurocopter France F-WWOY : Eurocopter 2005, to 3A-MAG
Heli Air Monaco 3A-MAG : Heli Air Monaco, to PH-EQU
heli holland PH-EQU : Heli Holland offshore from may07
02oct13 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
    6712 CITIC Group B-7119 : CITIC
    6720 F-OISH : France, test serial F-WWOR
Eurocopter France F-WQEF : Eurocopter France
PR-AXM : Ocean Explorer Do Brasil Ltda from Apr07
    6735 Eurocopter France F-WWOB : Eurocopter toward PH-SHN
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHN : CHC from 2006 ex F-WWOB
    6739 Eurocopter France F-WWOV : Eurocopter toward PH-SHO
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHO : CHC from 2006 ex F-WWOV
20mar12 CHC EHKD
15sep12 pictured at De Kooy during Heldair show
    6748 2006 Starspeed G-WJCJ : Starspeed 2006-2012; 30jan09 pictured at Blackbushe Air+
Starspeed G-WINV : Starspeed from 16jul12, ex G-WJCJ
    6755 2006 Eurocopter France F-WWOD : Eurocopter toward G-ISSW
Bristow G-ISSW : Bristow Dec06-Nov11; to Brilog Leasing
21sep11 visit Den Helder airport
G-ISSW : Brilog Leasing, Cayman Islands Nov11 for Mexico
    6757 2006 Bristow G-ISSV : Bristow Dec06
08mar09 pictured at Norwich
    6762 2007 Bristow G-ISSU : Bristow Mar07; Jul12 to Belgium
G-ISSU : 31Jul07 Milestoe Aviation (Wilmington Trust)
NHV OO-NHP : 10Aug12 registered NHV
    6771 3A-MPG : 22apr10 pictured at Monaco
    6778 2007 Bristow G-ISST : Bristow Jun07-Aug12
NHV OO-NHQ : NHV d/d 17Aug12, ex G-ISST; Oct12 new yellow livery
    6780 TC-HET : w/o 06apr11 crash near Lake Iznik, Bursa, Turkey. One f+
    6784 Indonesia Air Transport PK-TPD : IAT, ex F-OKEC
    6789 2008 Eurocopter France F-WQDF : Eurocopter France, to G-CEXZ
Eurocopter UK G-CEXZ : Eurocopter UK Feb/Apr 2008
G-HOTB : Noirmont Ltd from Apr08; 20dec13 pictured at Yeovil
G-HOTB : 04sep14 seen landing evening near Praa Sands, Cornwall,+
    6791 2007 Eurocopter France F-WQDH : Eurocopter toward EC-KPU
EC-KPU : Private Spain, VIP, ex F-WQDH; 11oct11 pictured at Cuat+
HB-ZOL : Heli-Link Helikopter AG from May13
HB-ZOL : 24jan14 at Zurich
    6793 2007 Eurocopter France 6793 : Eurocopter F-.... unknown to F-OKEF
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKEF : ESEA from Nov07
19-24feb08 ESEA at Singapore Airshow. Wears markings fr+
ESEA to Mar08 to PK-TPE
Indonesia Air Transport PK-TPE : IAT
    6798 Indonesia Air Transport PK-TPF : IAT, ex F-OKEG
    6802 CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-EUB : CHC; 15sep12 pictured at De Kooy during Heldair show
    6807 G-HBJT AL MIRQAB : 16oct10 pictured at Blackbushe (EGLK), UK
    6812 Indonesia Air Transport PK-TPG : IAT, ex F-OKEL
    6825 Global Vectra Helicorp VT-GVC : Global Vectra, test serial F-WWOJ
D-HDUE : May/Aug 2010
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OMG : Omni Taxi Aereo
    6828 2009 DanCopter OY-HJA : DanCopter from 2009, test serial F-WWOC
28sep14 pictured (top) at Renaissance Golf Hotel, Scotl+
24mar15 pictured (bot) at Norwich
    6837 Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-UNA : Pegaso
    6840 Helibarra Taxi Aereo PR-BBL : Helibarra; offshore services; ex F-WWOG
    6842 2009 NHV OO-NHJ : NHV, test serial F-WWOM
09oct11 pictured at SaxonAir ramp at Norwich, UK
Feb13 based at Norwich, UK
    6847 2009 Eurocopter France F-WWOD : Eurocopter toward G-RWPL
Eurocopter UK G-RWPL : Eurocopter United Kingdom; May09 - Oct09 toward new own+
G-RWPL Pure Leisure : Pure Leisure; Oct09 - Jun11 toward YR-YAN
InterAviation SRL. YR-YAN : InterAviation; Jul11 ex G-RWPL
    6850 A7-HMD : private Qatar; 18jul09 pictured at Blackbushe, UK. S-76+
A7-HMD : 06aug13 On the Yacht Katara in Bergen Norway
    6852 2009 Starspeed G-CFOJ : Starspeed Ltd, Fairoaks airport d/d May09, test serial +
18jul09 picture at Blackbushe; 13dec09 pictured (top) +
16oct10 pictured (bot) at Blackbushe
06may12 at Medlanky Airport, Czech Rep
12mar15 12:24pm at Battersea heliport, London
    6871 2009 DanCopter OY-HJB : 900th Dauphin family aircraft; Dancopter from 2009, han+
15sep12 pictured (pic1) at De Kooy, Netherlands during +
09sep14 pictured (pic2) at Norwich, UK
19dec14 pictured (pic3) at homebase Norwich, UK in offs+
    6878 ON SALE Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OMH : Omni Taxi Aereo, test serial F-WWOU
    6880 2009 PP-ALS : Metro, test serial F-WWOH
PP-ALS : 11nov13 pictured at Curitiba
    6885 ON SALE Eurocopter France F-WWOL : Eurocopter France; 17dec09 pictured at Marignane factor+
I-PHLO : Italy 2010
Vietnam Helicopter Corporation VN-D668 : VNH North / VALC, noted May12
N188CF : Integrity Aircraft Title Holdings Llc at Portland, OR f+
    6887 Eurocopter France F-OKFM : Eurocopter France toward 2903
Royal Thai Police 2903 : Police ex F-OKFM
    6889 CITIC Group B-7129 : CITIC
    6896 Bundespolizei D-HLTP : BPol
    6898 2010 M-HELI : Flambards Ltd from Dec10, test serial F-WWOR
M-HELI : 24sep11 pictured at Blackbushe airport, UK
M-HELI : 14jul14 seen at Farnborough airshow
M-HELI : 18mar15 at Farnborough
M-HELI : 09apr15 ta Duxford
    6908 Eurocopter France F-OKFN : Eurocopter France toward 2905
Royal Thai Police 2905 : Police ex F-OKFN
    6909 2011 PP-LLS : 13jun12 pictured at at Aeroporto Estadual de Jundiai / +
PP-LLS : Seripatri Participações Ltda, Feb15
PP-LLS : w/o 02apr15 17:20 in Carapicuíba, São Paulo. 5 fatali+
    6914 Eurocopter France F-OKFO : Eurocopter France toward 2904
Royal Thai Police 2904 : Police ex F-OKFO
    6920 Bundespolizei D-HLTQ : BPol
    6933 2011 Metro Aviation Inc N157UM : US Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc at Ann Arbor, MI from +
State of Michigan N157UM : University of Michigan Hospital Health System, Survival+
    6934 2011 Metro Aviation Inc N155UM : US Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc at Ann Arbor, MI from +
State of Michigan N155UM : University of Michigan Survival Flight; Oct12 at AMTC +
    6935 2011 Metro Aviation Inc N156UM : US Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc at Ann Arbor, MI from +
State of Michigan N156UM : University of Michigan Hospital Health System, Surviva+
    6940 Bundespolizei D-HLTR : BPol
    6945 2012 Bundespolizei D-HLTS : BPol
    6947 2012 Bundespolizei D-HLTT : BPol
    6968 Monacair M-NACO : Monacair Aug13 Monte Carlo heliport, Monaco. test seria+
    6971 2013 American Eurocopter N155TU : American Eurocopter Apr/Nov 2013
N155TU : Corporate Helicopters at San Diego, CA from Oct13
PT-PCT : Agropecuaria Santana do Deserto SA, Brazil from Nov13
    6976 Heli Securite F-HVAA : Heli Securite from May14
    6977 9M-HBS : Malaysia
    6978 Heli Securite F-HEGT : Junatro Ventures Ltd op by Heli Securite from Feb14
    6980 B-7152 : China, test serial F-WWOT
    6982 CC-AMH : Aero Andina, Chile; 27mar14 pictured at Santiago during+
    6983 2013 American Eurocopter N709AE : American Eurocopter, to N911UF
State of Florida N911UF : Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics Inc from Jan14; Sh+
22sep14 at Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) 2014+
    6985 2013 Aero Rio Taxi Aereo PR-YRM : Aero Rio Taxi Aereo Ltda Mar14
    6986 2013 Airbus Helicopters Inc N770AE : Airbus Helicopters US Mar/Apr 2014
PR-BXM : Ocean Explorer do Brasil Ltda from Apr14
    Weststar Aviation 9M-AZM : Weststar
    78 C/N found.                 continue at Airbus Helicopters EC155B1

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